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Any Concerns Buying Used Mp3 Players?
just curious.

It depends on what you mean by MP3 player. I'm not being silly..... some are more advanced than others, some do other media files (not just MP3s), etc. I like mine that is not advanced at all. It only plays MP3s, is 4 gigs, and lets me play days and days of music on a single battery. I think it cost about $20. Not sure what you're looking for in a player, but new may still be an option.

Sorry, got a little off track..... if you're not looking for anything extravagant, used should be fine. Otherwise it may need a software update... if it is still supported. What price range and options are you looking for?

** Wow! Having a quick look on Amazon, there are a lot of MP3 players you can buy for less than $10! I had no idea. Having seen that stuff.... unless you get an MP3 player for free, you are probably better off buying a new one for the few dollars they are now.
I had bad experiences buying second hand devices like MP3. At least it seems in perfect condition, it's not worthy

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