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Surefire Echo Knife
The older I get, the smaller, lighter and thinner my knives get.  My EDC fixed blade is a Surefire Echo.  It came with an injection molded sheath that I think is pretty cheesy.  I found a leather sheath that fits it perfectly, made by an unknown maker, at a local shop for $10.00.  I found the knife at an antique store for $100.00.

[Image: z9AGHA3.jpg]

[Image: XxNq7KB.jpg]
Well, it sure sounds good, micarta and a good steel. 1. Do you find the serrations to be effective? And 2. Do you find much use for them on a daily basis?

I really don’t care one way or the other about serrations. Some people love them, others hate them. If, I need to make a fine cut, I just use the part of the blade past the serrations. Someone I know said that they are good for cutting through the the center of the ribs on a deer. I have never tried it.

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