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Jim Merritt passes
Another great blade maker passes. [/url][img=500x0][/img]

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1 hr
It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we inform all of our friends and fans of the passing of Jim Merritt. Jim passed away early this morning due to a brain tumor and the complications from it.
Jim was one of the true legends of the knife world and was a renowned knife maker in his own right before he became Bob’s partner in Loveless Knives in 1982. From that point on Jim was the driving force behind the success of Loveless Knives. Bob often referred to Jim as the best
knife maker that he knew and the true heart and soul of Loveless Knives.
Jim was an incredibly humble man and enjoyed making knives more than anything else he did in life. He was a mentor and true inspiration to many people and especially to those in the knife making community. He will be dearly missed by all of his friends and family.
We will post information about his arrangements once they have been made. Thank you to all our fans and friends for your condolences and kind words on this incredibly difficult day.
Addictive knife buying isn't guided by logic.

Its probably my age that makes people think I am an adult.

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wow, RIP ....Jim Merritt of loveless knives...

you just know them dudes are sitting up there, banging steel around a heavenly forge....

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