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SHTF knife sharpening inquiry?
OK, it has hit the fan and it will be an extended adventure meaning ya might not make it back home!

Scenario is I have an 01 carbon steel Skookum Bush Tool and a D-2 steel Dozier. Pretend they are both convex grinds as I intend on that grind for both knives.

The carbon steel is easier to sharpen, but the D-2 steel holds an edge much longer! If ya could only take one knife, which would it be?

The blade lengths and blade thicknesses are similar but the SBT is thicker. the Dozier has the longer blade. The Dozier is the "Guide" model.

I can tell ya right now with no experience with the Dozier except holding it in my hand, And just a little  cutting with the SBT on hard cedar limbs. That Dozier and me are falling in love! It just feels so right!

My question is not really about the knife, but would you choose a carbon steel knife over a D-2 steel knife for SHTF?
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I'd go with the carbon steel. If we are specifically talking about a small knife not intended for heavy use and maybe abuse, especially since I advocate multiple knives rather than one "do everything" knife, then it won't matter as much. From what I've read about D2 it is only semi-stainless and needs almost as much care as carbon steel and is more fragile than carbon, and the real advantage of D2 is edge-holding. I'd choose good edge-holding with ease of sharpening over excellent edge-holding with difficult sharpening.

Realistically both are small knives and carrying both won't be a big deal.
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