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Aero Survival Rifle and Pistol VS Ruger takedown 9mm?
What  say  you?
(03-21-2018, 03:00 AM)Scottman Wrote: What  say  you?
I like the concept so much that I bought one of the KelTec Sub2k that takes the magazines for my beloved CZ. It was about 250.00 less. the ruger carbine reminds me of a take down marlin camp gun. It will be interesting to see how the rugers test.
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I have had a S2k since 2003.INMNSHO you cannot beat them for value ,adaptability and flat fun to shoot.Plus they use my Glock mags up to and including the 33 round happy sticks.
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ARs are darn cheap these days if you look in the right spot. You could run a dedicated 9mm lower, or use magwell adapters. And there are takedown barrel adaptors, if you don't want to just take the upper off the lower. Think I'd go with an AR and build it to suit my needs.
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