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Memories of the Buck 119
Hi All

Been going through my knives.   Remembered my first Buck 119. My wife and I was in Portland Maine at the time. Not too rough an area but I felt the need for some extra love so I went to the local Walmart and looked around. Bought a 119 for about 35 bucks, tucked it in my jeans and felt much better about things.

Anyways here are some pics and before anyone says yes most of them are new and never used. I have a lot of these for nostalgic purposes and I have my using knives. So so help me Scotty I dont know how well they make feather sticks ok.  Big Grin

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.jpg   20180207_205009.jpg (Size: 2.21 MB / Downloads: 16)
.jpg   20180207_205033.jpg (Size: 2.48 MB / Downloads: 9)
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Live with honor, ride with truth.  Be friendly to others.  But always carry a gun on your side and a knife in your boot because there are those that do not feel the same as this.


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