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Ontario rifleman vs Cold Steel drop forged bowie
[Image: 27337013_10214774912748533_5397008627981...e=5ADA0CE2]

both were  acquired for 50 bucks new. What would you prefer if you had to choose?

lengths? weights?
Neither one would be my first choice, but if they were the only two knives left in the world to choose from, I would pick the Ontario Rifleman based on pictures alone. 

I have not handled or seen either knife in person, which could change my opinion admittedly.  I actually prefer the size of the Cold Steel knife, but the handle shape & design appears to be uncomfortable in pictures.  It might not be, so making a choice based on photo's alone is probably not the best method for selecting a knife, but I have ordered a few in past years based strictly on their pictures alone.  One I especially like, which was purchased that way was a SOG Tech Bowie, but there were others.
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seems to be a popular vote !
[Image: 28279976_10214976731033864_6576856355008...e=5B18B101]
I think I would go with the Cold Steel Rifleman even though I do not like rubber hafts
It would likely wind up with an antler replacing the rubber and I would bead blast all that black off the blade.
I have had a High carbon Morseth knife for over 45 years and it has never had a rusty day
As far as camouflage for night work, even William Fairbairn preferred a shiny blade for the shock value...besides I don't go out much after dark these days Cool Big Grin
Hopefully the S won't HTF and I pray every day that it won't. It would not be fun.

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