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Flu Survival kit. Contents?
Water fast when sick.
Take Oregano oil.
Keep up on you lytes and fluids.
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Tons of info here ( including "meds" and specific dosages.
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(01-14-2018, 09:06 PM)ddennis2 Wrote: Chicken and rice soup

(01-14-2018, 09:11 PM)Someday_RN Wrote: Water fast when sick.
Take Oregano oil.
Keep up on you lytes and fluids.

That's a favorite of mine chicken and rice soup!

I was putting my oregano oil under my tounge. I forgot I could put it in capsules! I have plenty of empty capsules as I make my own sometimes. Things like maca powder, tumerick & pepper, etc. I have one of them pill making thingies. Overpriced but it works.
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By TNRR aka "Survival Sully"
Elderberry is suppose to work like Tamiflu, but I don't think elderberry is proven. Like Tamiflu, it supposedly keeps the virus from replicating, which would lessen the severity of the flu. You would have to use it early on, during the first days of becoming sick.

Remember the bird flu alarm about 15 years or so ago? Governments of some countries were stocking up on Tamiflu. I kind of overreacted and became stressed worrying about bird flu. Back then I checked an online forum called Flu Wiki, where there was a lot of discussion about elderberry, at least once a day.

Conventional wisdom with many FluWiki members was that there were basically two ways you could use elderberry: either a store-bought elderberry extract product named Sambucol or homemade elderberry tincture. Plain, unprocessed elderberries were not deemed effective. I never made any of the tincture and forgot the process. I did buy $70 worth of Sambucol, which was thought to be enough for 2 people.

Sambucol is (or was; I don't know if it's still available) an Israeli product that, if I remember right, underwent clinical testing in Israel against the flu. It was found effective in that study. But, as a few cases of bird flu popped up in Israel, I remember asking an Israeli health care worker on FluWiki if Sambucol was being used to treat those cases. He said no; they were using Tamiflu.

So I wouldn't have anywhere near as much faith in Sambucol as Tamiflu, but if you didn't have access to Tamiflu, Sambucol might be worth a shot.

I was trekking in the jungles of Laos when I came across a wizened old monk living in a cave.
I greeted him with a wah, like is expected, and he spoke to me in English! 
I was surprised until he announced he ran a curry house in Liverpool for ten years, but had to flee because his business was not registered, and he owed ten years property taxes, and ten years income taxes.
Plus he had employed illegal immigrants for $3 an hour and had the impertinence to withhold the national insurance tax from their wages - which he never paid in!
Now he was hiding out in a Laos jungle cave, posing as a Buddhist monk.
He noticed I had a cold, and tried to sell me a remedy. 
I informed him that if he did not give me the remedy for free, I would inform the British Internal revenue office of his location, and within five hour there would be a squad of SAS abseiling into the jungle to beat him, and take him back to the UK, for a deserved sentence, of fifteen years to life for evading UK taxes. 
(This is the only way to deal with these Johnny foreigners who cheat Her Majesty out of dues and taxes - we want to buy another aircraft carrier!) 
He gave me the remedy.
It is this: chew garlic. This is an antibiotic and fumes the nasal passages killing all bacteria, plus the taste buds.

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Garlic? I'd rather die.

Bill, The garlic also helps to keep idiots away!! and if it doesn't, just breathe on them.
Well, it certainly keeps ME away! Smile

It is hard to chew - it burns the mouth, but it works to cure colds and flu.
Another remedy is a sauna alternating with hot showers, not cold, and a tepid pint of orange juice afterwards.
OR, if there is flu about, eat garlic with everything, and take plenty of vitamin C.
"You can't hit the ball unless you take a swing."

Martin Crane

"As God once said - and I think rightly . . ."

Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery

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