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Bacon jerky - Stitch - 01-11-2019

[Image: hUxDY9s.jpg]

RE: Bacon jerky - Stitch - 01-11-2019

[Image: P0ouVrZ.jpg]

RE: Bacon jerky - Limey Pete - 01-12-2019

These are common in many breakfast cafes now.
They just fry the bacon almost crispy and when the breakfast is ordered, flash the bacon under the grill.
OK if the customer likes crispy bacon with their breakfast . . .

RE: Bacon jerky - Adapt-Overcome-Conquer - 01-12-2019

well I do like crispy bacon! I saw this "bacon jerky" and bought some recently, it was yummy but heavily processed...i wondered how they preserved a meat with such a high fat content--to the point where you dont need refrigeration... Confused Huh


RE: Bacon jerky - Stitch - 01-12-2019

Mine is minimally processed. It is not crispy, either. I marinated raw, pecan smoked, bacon in a one gallon ziplock bag overnight with picante sauce and honey. I put it in the dehydrator at 170 degrees for 24 hours.

RE: Bacon jerky - TRYKER - 01-12-2019

i like my bacon..........squiggle.  Smile Smile Smile

RE: Bacon jerky - Limey Pete - 01-13-2019

I sometimes fry bacon crispy and take it out on a long trek, it seems to last for ever without going off.
Maybe it is because of the salt in the bacon . . .