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Making Tin Pants - thatmckenzie - 09-23-2018

I've used (and abused) many an "oilskin" article in the last two decades. Most were storebought, but a few were homemade. None of the ones I did myself came out as nice as the product he achieves.

This is long, but it's an easy stream while you're folding laundry or something. The nice part is where he looks at the actual properties of the organics he uses so that his blend won't leave oily stains on the furniture. Smile


RE: Making Tin Pants - jbarrow - 09-23-2018

What is the breath-ability of this type of fabric?

RE: Making Tin Pants - Limey Pete - 09-25-2018

Ah impressive. This man certainly takes a lot of time and effort to make a good product.
However, in regards to breath-ability, to allow for that I would only treat the front of the trousers.
This is where the rain, brush and wear will be. The back of the trousers does not need this treatment.
I am now going through this man"s other videos to see what else I could learn.
Thanks for the link Mr Mckensie.

RE: Making Tin Pants - thatmckenzie - 09-25-2018

One place I'd deviate from his formulation is with the addition of "finish" to the mix. The specific hydrocarbon mix used to thin that down can actually interact with the microcrystalline wax to keep the "finish" from ever fully hardening. The reason he wants to use tung oil is because it hardens better than linseed oil, but then he goes and keeps it from hardening!

Then again, pure tung oil would probably be too stiff to use, since it's hard enough to be used for the traditional paper umbrella.

RE: Making Tin Pants - Willie - 10-16-2018

The Tin Woodsmaster? Maybe that's one of them gransfors bruks axes too. 

[Image: jack-haley-as-the-tin-woodman-in-mgms-th...d530787750]