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Hello - petesmith1969 - 09-19-2018

Hello all hope to read and learn some new info.
I'm 49 and been into camping, fishing, hunting and survival 25+ years
Live in Tx and planning to go off grid in the next few years

RE: Hello - Limey Pete - 09-20-2018

Ah Texas, one of my favorite States
Welcome Pete.
Well just to start with here are some links for deserted railroad tunnels in the Carolines

RE: Hello - jbarrow - 09-20-2018

Have you seen Ron and Karen's dvd's?? Tons of info and price quite reasonably.

RE: Hello - Bill Hay - 09-20-2018

jbarrow is absolutely right.  The best instructional videos (DVDs) on the market, winner of multiple Telly Awards.  The first 5 DVDs are absolutely essential.

[url=jbarrow is absolutely right. The best instructional videos (DVDs) on the market, winner of multiple Telly Awards. The first 5 DVDs are absolutely essential. http://survival.instantestore.net/cat_dvds.cfm]WoodsMaster DVDs[/url]

RE: Hello - Adapt-Overcome-Conquer - 09-20-2018

Hey dude! Welcome to the hoodlums forum! Limey is right Texas is a survival state! Many a famous and capable hoodlum hails from down there!! We have a few token Canadians here of which I am one (and even one Australian and a Brit that are quite active on here) but mostly made up of ...good ol' red blooded 'Mericans!! Heart

This forum is an awesome survival resource and home away from home, you can make great friendships, sell or buy used gear and exchange gear in give aways, read about stories trips, see and learn about everything from atl atl's to zyclon B gas...we sometimes have gatherings where we learn cool skills! 

On the forum alone in about 4 years I have went from knowing basically nothing to building my own bows and arrows, flintknapping, weaving cordage, hunting, braintanning a deer hide, sleeping in a teepee, identifying wild plants and eating them ...achieving (finally) friction fire, the members here know their shit errr stuff--that basically means you regulars are the bees knees (to all youz whoz dont appreciate my colorful truck stop language)

Posts of you doing your thing with or without pics are ALWAYS welcome!

They are correct about the DVD's eh...they are addictive and by far the best on the market--much more interesting and engaging than the majority of youtube vids ect, I have all the DVD's now and sometimes when I'm having an off day-- jonesing for the outdoors and thinking of throwing my computer out a window or telling my boss to shove it Big Grin Angel --i come home and put one on...almost as good as actually being out there.


RE: Hello - Bill Hay - 09-20-2018

Well said, AOC, thank you for the input!

RE: Hello - Adapt-Overcome-Conquer - 09-20-2018

(09-20-2018, 10:26 PM)Bill Hay Wrote: Well said, AOC, thank you for the input!

haha Blush thanks uncle Bill

I guess this could be one of those report vs rapport things...

but we dont get new members all that much and now its 2 in a week! woohoo the more the merrier....hoodlum win... Cool


RE: Hello - Tn Ridge Rover - 09-28-2018

Davy Crockett went to Texas and died. I just wanna go there before I die! Welcome!

RE: Hello - Karen Hood - 09-29-2018

Thank you everyone! And welcome Pete.