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Patriot Leather - 7.62 - 07-01-2018

Any of you folks ever buy a knife sheath from Patriot Leather.

RE: Patriot Leather - Deerstalker - 07-02-2018

Not me........ but looks good, is this for the Skootum  Huh

RE: Patriot Leather - 7.62 - 07-07-2018

Yes. I want to have both a neck sheath and a belt sheath for it.

RE: Patriot Leather - Deerstalker - 07-08-2018

Good to have options Shy

RE: Patriot Leather - Grizzly Dave - 07-08-2018

as in my congratulatory post on your acquiring the knife, wear it around the house on your neck to see if you can stand the weight before ordering a neck carry sheath, it is heavy...and a chest pounder

RE: Patriot Leather - mjh - 07-09-2018

[attachment=9480][attachment=9478][attachment=9478]I made several different length belt adapters with some leather and Chicago screws...

RE: Patriot Leather - Bill Hay - 07-09-2018

An option you can consider: Use your belt sheath and attach a long strap to it. It goes over your right shoulder, across your front and back, and under the left arm. It is out of the way, does not swing out in front while you bend over your fire, yet is very easily accessible. It doesn't thump you on the chest, either.

You can make the strap as comfortable as you want to support that heavy knife.

RE: Patriot Leather - TRYKER - 07-09-2018

i have an enzo trapper that i cut the dangler off. i then took a piease of paracord 3' long, folded it in half and put the folded end thru the d-ring and put the tag ends thru the folded area. now you can put an ove3r hand knot where its comfortable for a neck knife. if you want to dangle fold cord over and slip belt thru loops, if to long add another over hang not. ''BONUS'' paracord for tying things and a bow for friction fire.