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Blade Show 2018 - ddennis2 - 06-02-2018

Cindy Sue and I made the trek over to Atlanta to attend the 2018 Blade Show.

We were not disappointed.  While there we hooked up with Luke Swenson and his lovely wife Kimberly.  In addition, we stopped and chatted with Stormcrow and his spouse, two down to earth and remarkable people. Grizzly Dave, Rather B Camping, Brumbie and Rick Marchand from this forum were also in attendance and it was our pleasure to spend some time, albeit, way too short,  with all of them.

For those that have never attended, Blade Show is probably the premier show in this country.  There are more knives, supplies and equipment than you can possibly imagine.  This show has everything for the knife aficionado, the beginning knife maker and leather maker, the advanced knife and leather maker, and just those curious.

This year, the place was populated by many of the Forged in Fire competitors and we actually bumped into Doug Marcaida, one of the judges in the series.  Doug is a friendly and open fellow and it was a treat for us to spend a couple of minutes with him.  As you can imagine, he was surrounded by folks wishing to get a photo with him, or his autograph. I overheard one fellow say that you can't sling a cat without hitting a Forged in Fire winner/competitor! Smile

For those who are intimidated by prices, there is no reason for that.  While there are many high dollar, custom knives, there are also many bargains to be had.  We noted that several companies represented at the show offered BOGO's or parts and materials at discounted prices.  Shop wisely and you will need a wagon to schlep your scores out!

Make plans for Blade 2019...you will have fun!


RE: Blade Show 2018 - Deerstalker - 06-03-2018

(06-02-2018, 09:34 PM)ddennis2 Wrote: Make plans for Blade 2019...you will have fun!

Ok, but only in pencil for now  Confused

RE: Blade Show 2018 - Stormcrow - 06-09-2018

Enjoyed getting to meet you and Grizzly Dave, Brumbie, and seeing the other Hoodlums I have already met!

Blade Show is huge and covers a wide gamut. I was just reading some threads on a knife forum about it, and there were plenty of complaints, including from a codger that said it's been going downhill since the very first show back before I was born! If there is a type/style of knife you like, it's probably represented there, along with a bunch of knives that you might not like. That's a great thing, I say. Smile

Looking forward to next year.