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DIY broadhead transporter - Bob_Spr - 05-27-2018

I've shot thousands of arrows, in my dreams. But only 10-12 in real life and that was back in high school (45-47 years ago). So I am way less than a novice, hence my ignorance.

Recently, I was bitten by the bug and bought a long bow. In about a month, I am taking it and my arrows on a road trip to South Alabama. But while down there, I plan on shooting both field points and broadheads.  Going down is no sweat as the broadheads will still be in the pack.  But coming back... For obvious reasons, I do not want to leave the broadheads exposed. As I do not yet have a good quiver, I am thinking of ways to transport the broadheads. To make things a bit easier, I am not leaving them on the arrows.

Does anyone have a plan/pattern/suggestion on something I can make to safely transport them to and fro? For the moment, I have 3 medicine bottles I am thinking of rubberbanding together and putting one head in each one. But I know there has to be a better way.

Anyone have any thoughts?

RE: DIY broadhead transporter - ddennis2 - 05-27-2018

The last broadheads I purchased came in a great plastic case lined with foam that made transporting them a breeze.

Have you considered purchasing an inexpensive pistol case, the hard plastic type  that is also foam lined...I think they run about $10 or so.......

Just a thought...


RE: DIY broadhead transporter - Benjamin Liu - 05-27-2018

They have these in various sizes in the camping section at Walmart:


RE: DIY broadhead transporter - Bob_Spr - 05-28-2018