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Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - Jimbo - 04-29-2018

I recently read an article about an individual that was relying on their vehicles onboard navigation (GPS) system to take them 38 miles to the train station, yet ended up being lead on a 900 mile wild goose trek!   The individual later reportedly stated they just put their foot down and kept driving, trusting that the vehicles GPS guidance system wouldn't lead them astray.  It was not a teenage driver, but rather one who's chronological age would indicate a mature individual not prone to blindly trusting technology, but they did.

Every time Mother was visited by a new Home Nurse or other medical person, we routinely received a mobile call because their GPS misdirected them in route to our home address.  We do not live in a desolate area by any means, but each and every GPS directed the user to an area South, then East of our actual location.  If memory serves me correct some of the Physical Therapist coming to see the wife following her 360 back Surgery in early '16 were also taken to approximately the same area by their GPS & also had to phone for correct directions to their destination.  All of these people drove right by the sign identifying our street as they went South.  Maybe total reliance on GPS negates the need for watching one's surroundings, but I always began observing street sign when approaching the general area of where I expected to find my target destination. 

To me technology is an asset to be used, but not to be depended on.  For 34 years I traveled extensively, on an almost daily basis, in the performance of my employment.  The majority of those years were pre-GPS days admittedly, but I had an attache case which contained the states map, a couple dozen county maps and a few city maps for just in case, and those maps did get used from time to time.  I can assure anyone, anytime I was going to a new location some 35 - 40 miles away, by the time I had traveled 50 miles, or less, I would have been consulting my directions and one, or more, of those maps. 

I had and used a computer during the last 8 - 12 years of my employment and routinely printed out directions to new locations, but I did not throw away any of those maps, just because I had computer generated directions available.    

When making distant trips to place I know and/or have previously been, or going to a completely new location, there will always be an atlas available for consultation, for just in case.  Construction, accidents and many other reasons can require changes during travel which requires an alternate course of travel.  Computers & GPS systems are both smart and a great aid, but nothing I will blindly follow ever.

RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - TRYKER - 04-29-2018


RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - Deerstalker - 04-30-2018

(04-29-2018, 07:47 PM)Jimbo Wrote:  Computers & GPS systems are both smart and a great aid, but nothing I will blindly follow ever.

Eminently sensible  Smile

RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - Bob_Spr - 05-01-2018

And it is not just GPS.  I can't tell you how many times I go through a drive through where the cost has cents in it, like $17.41.  I hand them $20.01 and they have to go find a calculator to figure out they owe me $2.60.  I also know teenagers who cannot tell time on an analog watch.

RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - TRYKER - 05-01-2018

you can thank new math, or what ever there using now for that.

RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - Andre DuMouchel - 05-01-2018

Trust and Obey
For there's No other way
To be Happy in High Tech
Than to Trust and Obey!

RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - Limey Pete - 05-02-2018

I don't know I will have to ask my computer.

RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - Leanwolf - 05-02-2018

Just a few days ago, the Univ. of Penn. banned any outdoor excursions for U. of P. students who were members of the U. of P. Outdoor Club because on rare occasions the members were out in the woods where they had no cell phone coverage. Therefore, if some kid had an accident, there would be no way for him/her to be rescued because there was no cell phone coverage for that particular spot in the woods.

I've been bustin' around out in the boonies for many, many years without a cell phone. I thank my lucky stars every night that I am still alive. I've got to get with the technology program!!


RE: Are People Becoming Dependent Upon Technology? - petzlglyph - 05-03-2018

Yes, i fully believe that technology is making people stupid.  They no longer have to think, they just google for a (proported) answer.
I was out of town and needed to go to a store for supplies that I had never been to.  I called and asked for directions, I could hear the young lady fumbling and after a few seconds I asked her (half joking) if she was googling for the directions, she huffed and said "of course!" Huh Huh Huh   Soooo, she works there, but doesn't know how to get there?????

Another time I was driving a back road and started noticing small trees taken out on sharp corners, high branches broken off and huge scrapes at the high and low spots on the road.  I come around a corner and here is a 42' motor home high centered in a corner and no way around them.  The driver came running toward me and me being a smart a$$, before he could say anything I said "can you please get that thing out of my way".  Turns out they were following their GPS  Huh Huh   This road is clearly marked on any map as a 4 wheel drive road.  They ignored all the warning signs of the road being unmaintained, far too narrow, bottoming out, taking out trees, high clearance........ and put their full trust in a stupid machine.  They risked their lives and gave full responsibility to technology.  This road is not well traveled and they may have been stuck there for weeks had I not come along.  I did help them get a tow truck to come out, It cost them over $4000.00 just in towing fees, not counting the sever damage to the motor home.  

Ken H In AZ