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Kel-Tec Bullpup Shotguns - Jimbo - 04-15-2018

I attended the local Gun & Knife Show this morning and a couple of the vendors had some specimens of the Kel-Tec/.12 gauge KSG.  They were impressive, and probably are ideal for their intended purpose, Military, Law Enforcement and/or Self Defense.  Holding 15 rounds of normal 2 3/4 inch shot shells and 25 of the mini shells, they certainly make a formidable weapon.  And they manage three inch magnum shot shells also. 

Reading articles about them this afternoon one article said they ran 250 rounds of assorted shot shells (nine different brands/types, were used, IIRC) through their example, including the Aguila Mini Shot Shells, with out a single malfunction. 

Just wondering if anyone here has handled or used one, and can provide any practical experience with the Kel-Tec/KSG?

RE: Kel-Tec Bullpup Shotguns - Tn Ridge Rover - 04-19-2018




Looks interesting for sure!