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Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Jimbo - 02-05-2018

Has anyone seen a comparison and/or evaluation between the Western Company W-49 (or equivalent) Bowie Knife, the Buck General, and the Buck Hoodlum knives, for their overall performance, endurance, handling ability, sharpness & edge retention, comfort of carrying, best utility & culinary abilities, etc., etc?

RE: Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Scottman - 02-08-2018

that's quite a somewhat different assortment of blades.  Why those   three in comparison?

RE: Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Jimbo - 02-09-2018

Mainly because they are large knives, but others like the Rigid RG-46, Gossman Big Boar Tusker 2.0, Western L-46, Buck 119 Special or the Buck or Buck 124 Frontiersman would all be just as interesting to me, or any other large quality knife.

RE: Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Scottman - 02-09-2018

Those are still different classes of "large knives" . What large knives do you own right now?

What are you looking for? goals?

RE: Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Jimbo - 02-09-2018

(02-09-2018, 09:23 AM)Scottman Wrote: Those are still different classes of "large knives" . What large knives do you own right now?

What are you looking for? goals?

All, but the Western L-46, & Buck 119 & 124. 

To me the Western W-49 Bowie, is the only one which was designed with a different purpose in mind.  I do not abuse my knives.  Under extraordinary circumstances I might be forced to baton a knife, for splitting wood, but it would be most extreme when I do.  We have meat cleavers & meat saws for use in butchering, to handle those tasks beyond cutting or slicing which is a knife's purpose.  Likewise for cutting wood, I use a proper tool and not my knife.  
Best all around performer.  Thinking about eliminating a few from the line up.

RE: Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Benjamin Liu - 02-09-2018

Knives can be proper tools for cutting wood. Some are designed for it.

The Western Bowie has not been manufactured since at least 2007 when Camillus went out of business. The company now going by that name just bought the name, and produces cheap imports and does not make the Western line. They will be sold at collector's prices.

There are some companies making similar knives if you really want that style:





These two are probably pushing the criteria of being similar to the Western, but have similar profiles:



If you just want a cutter the Buck Special should do fine. I've had one since 2000 and often use it in the kitchen. My main kitchen knives are my Buck Special, CS Recon Tanto, and Mora Companion.

The Buck Special's sheath is good if you get it with the leather one. I don't have the nylon sheath so I can't say how that one works.

RE: Knife Comparisons & Evaluations? - Scottman - 02-12-2018

I cut wood with knives all the time