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  To Baton or no???
Posted by: jbarrow - 12-26-2018, 11:04 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (14)


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Posted by: newtexican - 12-20-2018, 09:49 PM - Forum: Welcome To The Hoodlums - Replies (7)

I guess I joined this forum in 2012 (no memory of that). I've been watching the Hoods Woods DVDs lately and thought I would check out this forum. Doesn't seem super active, that's a bummer.

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  Presidential Text
Posted by: Jimbo - 12-19-2018, 02:22 AM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (7)

Just out of curiosity, How many here received a text message from President trump, when the well publicized text occurred?

I do not know a single person who owns a cell phone locally which received the text message.  I am not complaining, but just had an e-mail about the Presidential text, which said 'most' Americans received his text.  Maybe most did, so I am curious to know if this little corner of the world was the only place not receiving his text.

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  6.5 Creedmore
Posted by: Grizzly Dave - 12-17-2018, 04:45 AM - Forum: Weapons FAQ - Replies (7)

Steve Hornady and his pals have been busy developing performance ammunition to go with their new production rifles. The 28 Nosler, 30 Nosler and 33 Nosler are head and shoulders above similar caliber rounds and Hornady's Gucci round for the past couple of years has been the 6.5 Creedmore.
A 26 caliber cartridge, it is very similar to the .260 Remington in performance closer to the .280 Rem It is based on the 7.62 NATO / .308 Winchester cartridge and so can be chambered in the short action and is necked from 30 cal to 26 caliber also said to outperform the parent .308 Winchester. 
In a recent article Craig Boddington lamented he has to date not owned nor has he shot any game with the Creedmore despite his wife and daughter both having harvested game with it. That might have been amended by now.
Toward the end of October I retired after 37 years of service to the Government. I received a nice letter of thanks from the Premiere and a bunch of banked overtime that I had to cash in. A wise man would have put it all into RRSPs Dodgy
I wanted to buy myself a nice retirement memento. After consulting with my friends decided on a 6.5 Creedmore and on the suggestion of my friend Mark McGee ordered a Remington 700 Hunter with the Magpul stock. It took a few days to arrive at my LGS which actually worked to my benefit. My coworkers all chipped in and gave me a gift certificate to the self same LGS and as luck would have it  Cabella's put this model on sale and the shop graciously  matched the sale price... I basically got it for half price.
After getting it home it cried out for a scope which would balance the anticipated performance. I had a Leupould 3X9 and a 2X7 both Vari-X II's as spares. Not good enough. So ... I robbed the Leupould 30 mm Vari-X III 4.5-14 from my Sako A7 in .308 Win and put the 2X7 on it. The A7 balances as a featherweight with the change.
Next off to the range. Tongue 
I could not bore sight the 6.5 due to the height of the scope causing it to sight over top of the calumniator so I started the process at 25 yards which is the approximate distance the bullet first crosses the line of sight. After some adjustment and a cleaning of the bore I moved the target to one hundred meters and settled on a 3/4 inch group of five rounds 2 1/2 inches above point of aim and only had 3 rounds left. I checked a target left by a previous shooter at 200 meters which appeared untouched and the two metal gongs of different sizes and the first round smacked the larger gong, second round smacked the smaller gong and the third printed 3/4 inch below point of aim. 
As Ron always said Nuff ...in this case good'nuff.
I like sighting in my rifles, my friend Richard Buck said I am anal about it. I record every shot , every adjustment, weather wind, if I am shooting alone or with a spotter and actually prefer to be alone. I find  I do better work with no distractions.
I took the Sako out another day and sighted it in 1 1/2 inches high at 100 and my little finger nail could cover it Smile
I was not able to get out hunting after sighting in the rifles so like Craig Boddington, I will have to wait to report on any practical application with my 6.5 Creedmore, but I got mine before he got his Cool

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  Grizzly's back
Posted by: Grizzly Dave - 12-12-2018, 06:39 PM - Forum: Welcome To The Hoodlums - Replies (12)

Well folks I have been away for a bit but I am back. 

We have had a bit of a go of it for the last little bit but I think I have it almost under control now

I have been retired for a month and a half now and it can only get better...
My wife was diagnosed with colon cancer and had successful surgery, half a molar fell down my throat when eating , dental bill...$300.00, the Volvo went on the fritz and cost just under 1200 bucks to fix , my wife's drugs another $500.00 for surgery recovery and all that happened in 2 1/2 weeks of retiring.
Murphy was laying in wait. [Image: sad.png] [Image: dodgy.png] 
We had a retirement trip to Mexico planned for in December and have had to re-book for next year .
But although we had a big scare Mrs. Griz is supposedly cancer-free but is booked for Chemo in the new year...just to make sure.
Things can only  get better from here.
I have a job offer when I want it. A local gun store had a guy not show up for work one day and I asked if I should help out for a bit.
The manager almost snapped his own neck whipping it around to ask if I was serious, I could have a job, no resume required, when can I start. I said I would have to ask my wife. She was excited and said after she is feeling a bit more up to scratch it would be nice for me to get out from under foot ... errr get a job  for a few days a week. I was also offered a job with my old employer to start a program in another town just north of here...and I still have a contract with the Canadian Military to teach...when does the retirement part cut in? [Image: rolleyes.png]????
I have been up to my eyeballs in alligators recently but  I am finally back and will be posting a little more regularly now.
Glad to be back [Image: biggrin.png] 
I will post a little more often now

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  Looking for a new pack? Look no further.
Posted by: jbarrow - 11-30-2018, 04:04 PM - Forum: Backpacking and Gear Testing - Replies (6)


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  When to Buy a New Knife
Posted by: jbarrow - 11-30-2018, 03:15 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)

And now you know.

[Image: GetAttachmentThumbnail?id=AQMkADAwATY3Zm...ation=true]

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  "Knife or Death" Ronin War Sword
Posted by: Stormcrow - 11-26-2018, 10:04 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (11)

I'm sure some of y'all have seen the new open cutting competition show on the History Channel, "Knife or Death".  While I haven't gotten to compete on it (Several "Forged in Fire" competitors, including Rashelle Hams from my episode, have been on.  She did quite well.), I did get to be involved in an interesting way.

I was contacted by Tu Lam, retired Green Beret and one of the three hosts of the show, when he saw some of my carcass splitters on Instagram.  He asked to meet me at Blade Show to discuss a project.

[Image: 43964799405_640bb564d7_c.jpg]bladeshow13 by James Helm, on Flickr

All three hosts of the show were getting blades for themselves to do some cutting for demonstration and promotional material for Season 2.  Travis Wuertz built his own piece of awesomeness.  Bill Goldberg, the wrestler. had a big cleaver built by Wayne Meligan, who had competed on Season 1.  Tu was interested in having me build him a blade for him. 

In particular The Mutant double-edged carcass splitter that was my reaction to seeing the first episode of the show caught his attention.

[Image: 27529811167_481d00c121_c.jpg]bladeshow12 by James Helm, on Flickr

We discussed what he was looking for, his thoughts, my thoughts, made some sketches, and continued the discussion after I got back home.  What I ended up building was a kind of pan-Asian dao that Tu named the Ronin War Sword.  There are influences from Chinese pudao, Korean hyeopdo, Vietnamese yem nguyet dao, and Nepalese ram dao.

[Image: 29939277147_7b006b2899_c.jpg]ronindao03 by James Helm, on Flickr

The steel is, of course, 80CrV2, with a 16" blade and 18" handle.  The weight ended up just over 3 pounds, with the point of balance right behind the front Turk's head knot.  The handle wrap is toasted hemp cord over a neoprene foundation, impregnated with West System marine epoxy.

[Image: 29939275157_394681762d_c.jpg]ronindao06 by James Helm, on Flickr

The main edge is a tall flat bevel with secondary bevel, while the spine side and clip are zero-ground convex edges.  Stout, and hair-shaving.

In addition to a forward lanyard hole, I laser-engraved Tu's dragon logo on the blade.

[Image: 44875853881_8e1111467c_c.jpg]ronindao07 by James Helm, on Flickr

I built an open-backed Boltaron sheath for it.

[Image: 29939276407_732739f21e_c.jpg]ronindao04 by James Helm, on Flickr

A look at the War Sword in my hands...

[Image: 29939274707_d7713a71f0_c.jpg]ronindao08 by James Helm, on Flickr

...and a far more dramatic shot of it in Tu's grip.  It looks better with him!

[Image: 29939276557_1a8a39ef95_c.jpg]ronindao01 by James Helm, on Flickr

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  The cross-cut saw
Posted by: jbarrow - 11-19-2018, 02:18 PM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (5)


Great information.

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Bug hi all!
Posted by: The Ridge Runner - 11-17-2018, 11:11 PM - Forum: Welcome To The Hoodlums - Replies (5)

just noticed this forum was back online! thanks Karen!
anyway, really missed you all and im glad to to be back!

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