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  New Members: Important Registration Email Reminder
Posted by: wmerrin - 09-20-2017, 11:50 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

If you are a new user registering for an account, please watch for an email confirmation message from Info@survival.com with the subject "Account Activation at Hoods Woods New Hoodlums Forum".  We require a valid email address to sign up, so if you don't validate the email from the response sent you, your account won't be activated.  A significant percentage of new accounts on the old forum were never activated, which leads me to believe the recipients lost them in their spam folders.

So if you don't get a validation email from the board fairly soon after registering - be sure to check your spam folder, wherever that might be. 

We're sorry for the inconvenience but the board has been a target for spammer registrations for some time now, and we have had to take defensive measures to keep the joint clean.


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  old forum names
Posted by: caver56 - 09-17-2017, 11:03 PM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (1)

How do we get are old forum names back???

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  made up a mag loader
Posted by: randyt - 09-17-2017, 01:30 AM - Forum: Hoodlum Workshop-Photos Please - Replies (4)

here's a mag loader I made up, really need to spray it down with some gun paint or something.

[Image: dkt3eoHl.jpg]

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  Treking poles? Which Ones?
Posted by: Tn Ridge Rover - 09-16-2017, 02:37 AM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (10)

Last Christmas day, my back went out of whack. It will never be the same. I'm addicted to a Teeter Hang-up inversion table!  My real backpacking days are  over with. Only short trips. I am trying different things to adapt to my misfortune, like using a hiking cart and trekking poles. I've been a single walking stick guy all my life, but if trekking poles will help me adapt to my new limitations, I'm game for giving trekking poles a try!

My questions are: carbon or metal? Where to buy and which ones to buy? Comments, suggestions?

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  Thark bush swords
Posted by: Stormcrow - 09-15-2017, 03:51 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (5)

These are a couple of bush swords I forged at the same time that are kind of linked in my mind, though they went to different customers.  The top one was ordered up by a fellow on an archery forum who was directed my way by a guy who uses blades extensively, who wanted an 18" blade.  The bottom one was a first for me in that the customer had no e-mail or smart phone that I could send him pictures of it before shipping it.  He had based his decision to ask for a bush sword from me on an article by Joe Flowers in the final issue of the lamentably-out-of-print Tactical Knives magazine.  Since it had been several years since I had made the blades for that article, I let the customer know that what he got would, of course, be a bit different and hopefully better.

[Image: 36402732713_14fc3354f5_c.jpg]tharkforged by James Helm, on Flickr

What links them in my mind is that when I had forged them out and had them laying side-by-side, I immediately saw them as Barsoomian short swords being wielded in the lower limbs of a Thark to ward off any blows that might slip through larger, longer-range weapons wielded by the top pair of arms.  Very different blade shapes, but kindred spirits, if you will.

These are also a jumping-off point for me as I have been making bush swords for years now with integral socket handles.  While I still feel that they make great handles if done correctly, I think that I have refined my multi-layer cord wrapping technique to the point that it is more comfortable than what I am able to do with the integral sockets.  I still built them with Turk's head knots fore and aft to provide a good mechanical lock in the hand.

The longer blade has a black-over-black wrap and a thin false edge that could have a secondary bevel added to sharpen it.  The customer initially wanted a 21" blade, but I felt that I could give him better balance at 18" and he let me go ahead.

[Image: 36374576104_20c8c3f68b_c.jpg]thark04 by James Helm, on Flickr

We set up his Kydex sheath for baldric carry, with a double-adjustable, quick-detach shoulder sling like I use on my tomahawk sheaths.

[Image: 36813591750_88662d8204_c.jpg]thark05 by James Helm, on Flickr

I believe the blade may have picked up a bit of negative sori during the quench as the slight recurve seems more pronounced in the post-heat treatment photos.

[Image: 37021250536_ed22f66a8e_c.jpg]thark06 by James Helm, on Flickr

The shorter bush sword has a 15 1/2" blade.  The top edge is fully sharpened.

[Image: 37021252276_32f9e09aa0_c.jpg]thark01 by James Helm, on Flickr

The wrap is tan over black, with a tan Kydex sheath.

[Image: 36374577844_1971dc5d02_c.jpg]thark02 by James Helm, on Flickr

I have to say that I firmly believe that the customer got a better bush sword than the one in the article that caught his attention.  He was certainly happy with it.  Couldn't ask for more than that.  Smile

[Image: 37021251396_fe8585b205_c.jpg]thark03 by James Helm, on Flickr

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  Hurricane 'hawks
Posted by: Stormcrow - 09-15-2017, 03:47 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)

I'm honored to know that at least three of my tomahawks have been used by folks dealing with the recent hurricanes, two in the area hit by Harvey and one in the cleanup of Irma.

This 15" Woodsman was used by my brother-in-law (not the guy pictured with it) as part of the Cajun Navy helping folks in east Texas.  In this pic, they're tapping to see if there is anyone trapped in the attic.

[Image: 36402526163_7b40cdd11b_b.jpg]hhwoodsman by James Helm, on Flickr

The second one is a prototype rescue ax dubbed my "Fire Chief" model.  This was bought by a fellow who is prominent in Second Amendment matters here in Texas.  I have not yet designed the sheath tooling for it, but he has a Kydex sheath business and built his own.  He headed east to help out folks in high water.

[Image: 37026635486_6ca1df3a58_b.jpg]hhfirechief by James Helm, on Flickr

[Image: 36402526513_bcc0e5a245_b.jpg]hhfirechief03 by James Helm, on Flickr

[Image: 36402526713_965b5926eb_b.jpg]hhfirechief02 by James Helm, on Flickr

And finally, an 18" War Chief helping clear out downed trees in Florida after Irma moved on.

[Image: 37026634726_a3601f1b31_b.jpg]hiwarchief by James Helm, on Flickr

And my own small way of helping out was to donate this 6 1/2" bladed drop point knife to my church's silent auction fundraiser to assist victims of Harvey.

[Image: 36379869184_8ea5feb667_b.jpg]hhfundraiser by James Helm, on Flickr

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  Review: Cold Steel Kopis Machete
Posted by: Benjamin Liu - 09-11-2017, 04:05 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - No Replies

I posted this on the old forum:

I just got one of these.

It is OK for the money but not up to the same quality of most of my Cold Steel machetes.

The Edge-

It did not come very sharp like my Bowie Machetes and the entire edge was painted, so I think this is an older model someone still had in stock.

The edge looked the same as my Latin Machetes, and it also rolled when cutting. I'll later put a better edge on it, but it should not have rolled. I also know I did not hit any rocks. The Latin Machetes still get rolled edges from time to time even after I resharpened them, but I now know to use them on green vegetation.

In contrast, I've used the Chinese-made Barong Machetes for years, putting them through heavy use and even abuse. Each one that I've used has gone through far more use than both this Kopis and my Latin machetes combined yet only occasionally have very slight edge deformation. I looked at the Barong Machete my nephew used to chop down a tree that was over 12" thick and there was no edge deformation.

Considering that my Bowie Machetes work well, I'm guessing that the quality slipped after they stopped making them in China and then it became better again after they started having those sharpened and somewhat polished edges. A problem here is that if ordering through the mail you won't know which one you are buying. When buying one in person, if you look on the package where it shows other machetes and they show the old Katana Machete rather than the one actually shaped like a Katana, it might be one of these. This is just a guess since I have not seen the new packages.

This could all be a coincidence and it could be that all 3 machetes I have with this type of edge are bad, but I doubt it.

Sheath- It is a typical Cold Steel nylon sheath for non-straight blades. I don't really like this style but there really isn't any inexpensive option. It is OK for the money.

Overall Design-

This is a good design, and would be a very good machete if you buy one of the more recent ones. It is light and well-balanced. The grip is good, whether or not I'm using gloves.


It is kind of strange to have a machete that would otherwise be great but have this edge issue.

For a good survival or yard work tool, you'd need one with a better quality blade.

For a home defense weapon, it is a good choice for the money.

I wouldn't say that the one I have is necessarily bad, but Cold Steel can definitely make better ones such as the other machetes I've mentioned.

The same model but made later could be very good. I got my Bowie Machetes with the "new" edge type over three years ago, so these old ones must have been sitting on some shelves for a long time. This does show an issue buying knives on Amazon rather from a known knife seller. It wasn't a big deal here since this is a cheap knife, but if you buy a more expensive knife in 3V and they give you a less expensive SK5 version it could be. 


I don't know why I missed this. The blade is 2mm thick like the Latin Machete, not 2.8mm thick like all the Cold Steel machetes I have that perform well.

2mm is OK (not good) if you want something to cut grass and green vegetation. I really can't see why anyone would want a kopis for cutting grass and green vegetation.

I got it for regular machete work, thinking the kukri shape would give it better chopping power when cutting brush and limbs.

If the current versions are built like the one I have, the only thing I can really recommend them for is a home defense weapon. It is light enough even a kid can use it.

I was able to fix the edge damage. I actually bent it back into place with a pair of pliers and then used a sharpening stone. 

Update # 2-

I was using it again and it deformed again and a section of the edge was bent and almost broken off so I pulled it off with my fingers.  I am going to just use it until it needs a new edge and try to give it a less fragile edge.

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Tongue walking stick knob
Posted by: randyt - 09-10-2017, 12:37 AM - Forum: Hoodlum Workshop-Photos Please - Replies (5)

I made up a walking stick from a hame end I found in the barn and a maple sapling from the woods. I think Little John of sherwood would even approve.

[Image: QmEABG0l.jpg]

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  KITH...aka Knife in the Hat
Posted by: ddennis2 - 09-08-2017, 07:38 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (99)

I see old .....errrr.......moderately mature, jbarrow is hinting at holding a KITH...or as it is known to others, a Knife in the Hat drawing.  (you can read that as SHOUTING at the top of his lungs).

We can certainly do that, but there are two minor conditions:

1. It will not happen until after Rabbit Stick...after 16 Sep 2017...
2. A minimum of 12 people must participate

I will happily moderate it as in the past.

How much interest do we have out there?


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  parlay vou francais?
Posted by: randyt - 09-08-2017, 12:50 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (7)

I studied the language as a kid but that is as far as it goes. Instead I dabble with old relics for fun. Here is a french mas 36 I monkey with now and then. Some folks say it's ugly LOL but I think it's handsome LOL

[Image: oDOvczQl.jpg]

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