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  Memories of the Buck 119
Posted by: Kid Couteau - 02-09-2018, 07:27 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - No Replies

Hi All

Been going through my knives.   Remembered my first Buck 119. My wife and I was in Portland Maine at the time. Not too rough an area but I felt the need for some extra love so I went to the local Walmart and looked around. Bought a 119 for about 35 bucks, tucked it in my jeans and felt much better about things.

Anyways here are some pics and before anyone says yes most of them are new and never used. I have a lot of these for nostalgic purposes and I have my using knives. So so help me Scotty I dont know how well they make feather sticks ok.  Big Grin

Attached Files
.jpg   20180207_205009.jpg (Size: 2.21 MB / Downloads: 14)
.jpg   20180207_205033.jpg (Size: 2.48 MB / Downloads: 8)
.jpg   20180207_205053.jpg (Size: 2.13 MB / Downloads: 7)
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  Chinese Klebsi Plague
Posted by: Jimbo - 02-08-2018, 08:37 PM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (1)

Is the Chinese Klebsi Plague real?  Fact or fiction, Nothing the Chinese do, nor anything coming from China surprises me, but at the same time is there any hard evidence to confirm or refute this plague?

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  Valentine's Day Sale at Survival.com
Posted by: Karen Hood - 02-07-2018, 09:06 PM - Forum: Welcome To The Hoodlums - Replies (1)

Anyone interested in replacing, updating to DVD or gifting, we have a good special running now until Feb 15th.  

Valentine's Day Savings from Survival.com!! Click Here.

Karen and Jesse

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  Cold Steel 2018
Posted by: Benjamin Liu - 02-07-2018, 07:25 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)


This is a small line-up, and mostly folders.  I suspect they'll be adding more products.

So far the ones I like are the drop forged pushdagger (they have not made an all-steel push knife since the Urban Pal in the 1980s)  and the Luzon (I don't know why they chose the name, but a slim folder with a flipper/guard and a blade profile of a dueling Bowie looks good.)

The Mini Tac Bowie looks good and would be a good knife, but they kept the bad sheath design.  If they had the kydex cover and hold the knife at the choil rather than the subhilt, it would make the knife much easier to draw from multiple carry methods.

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  Knife Comparisons & Evaluations?
Posted by: Jimbo - 02-05-2018, 04:17 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (6)

Has anyone seen a comparison and/or evaluation between the Western Company W-49 (or equivalent) Bowie Knife, the Buck General, and the Buck Hoodlum knives, for their overall performance, endurance, handling ability, sharpness & edge retention, comfort of carrying, best utility & culinary abilities, etc., etc?

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  Ontario rifleman vs Cold Steel drop forged bowie
Posted by: Scottman - 02-02-2018, 03:55 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)

[Image: 27337013_10214774912748533_5397008627981...e=5ADA0CE2]

both were  acquired for 50 bucks new. What would you prefer if you had to choose?

lengths? weights?

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  Canada - Folding Knife Ban
Posted by: wmerrin - 01-31-2018, 12:07 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (12)

I guess this is kind of Old News since it came out a couple of weeks ago, but I just saw it.  According to Blade Magazine, "Canada Bans Imports of One-Hand Opening Knives".  Blade makes it sound like just about anything more advanced than an old slip-joint can't be brought across the border.  People going in should pay attention and Canadians coming out should leave their knives home or risk losing them on re-entry.



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  Biggest carcass splitter so far
Posted by: Stormcrow - 01-30-2018, 03:20 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (3)

I just mailed off an interesting project: The biggest carcass splitter I've built to date.  It was the widest and heaviest blade I've made (though not the longest), and I really want to make more.  Probably will have one on my table at the Blade Show in June.

[Image: 39079348975_9d5cb7b517_c.jpg]carcassplitterfinal by James Helm, on Flickr

The blade is 18" long by 3 1/2" wide, with an overall length of 40 1/2".

Its size made it difficult to take a picture that really showed the size and proportions correctly, but I got a few, and shot a video comparing it with an antique carcass splitter I was given by a customer. 

Here's the starting blank, cut from 1/4" x 3" 5160.

[Image: 39267305974_f1ae0cfd10_c.jpg]carcasssplitter02 by James Helm, on Flickr

After forging out, the blade was about 4" at its widest, though after trimming the end to be aesthetically pleasing, it was 3 1/2".

[Image: 39945818862_f2846149f4_c.jpg]carcasssplitter04 by James Helm, on Flickr

Comparison with the antique carcass splitter.

[Image: 39079347285_5d605ffc5a_c.jpg]carcasssplitter08 by James Helm, on Flickr

Ready to heat treat.  To give an idea of size, my anvil is 148 lbs, and the face is about 4" x 15".

[Image: 39267018514_db24024253_c.jpg]carcasssplitter08c by James Helm, on Flickr

It was so large, I couldn't fit the whole thing into my kiln that I use to draw temper.  I ended up holding the kiln lid open with firebricks, then filling in the gap with various bits of broken fire brick.  If you look closely, the end of the tang is poking out between two bricks just under the little angled tab on the lid.

[Image: 39267017734_a134740008_c.jpg]carcasssplitter09 by James Helm, on Flickr

Ready for mischief!

[Image: 28197629379_977d27e8b3_c.jpg]carcasssplitter13 by James Helm, on Flickr

There is a better look at both carcass splitters, more details, more construction pics, wildly irresponsible swinging about of an 18" long razor-like blade, and general silliness in this video.

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  Are There Any Hoodlum Hog Hunters?
Posted by: Jimbo - 01-29-2018, 03:00 AM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (7)

Something that has been on my to do list for longer than I care to admit.  It always seems something needs attention more than hunting hogs, once the regular hunting season ends. 

I made some pig pipes a couple of years ago and clipped the undergrowth with a rotary mower developing a place away from my deer food plots and deer stands in order to entice the local feral hogs and then hunt them there.  Five gallon bucket buried to a depth of two feet (or more) and filled with corn allowed to sour and some 2 liter Red Cream Soda bottles buried a couple of feet or more in the ground with the top removed are both reportedly top attractants for wild swine.  The locals also tell me about a couple of other questionable items that swine readily smell and respond to, but I am very doubtful I will ever use either.  I am sure neither item is unethical in the slightest, but I am not sure I want to use either myself.  No traps or snares will be used, since enticement & hunting is the only game plan.

I have read quite a bit about hunting the hogs, and spoken with a few locals who reportedly have experience hunting the local hog populations, but was just wondering if any hoodlums have experience hunting the wild pig?  If so, do you have any stories to share?

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  quick look 22 dollar mtech 151 bowie
Posted by: Scottman - 01-29-2018, 01:20 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)

[Image: 27331674_10214738956649653_2594657611989...e=5AF17DDF]


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