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  Knife belt sharpen devices Work Sharp
Posted by: Tn Ridge Rover - 12-22-2017, 07:39 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (18)

Work Sharp has these 2 belt sharpeners available and I gots this hankering to spend some stupid money this time of year.



I have a dull ceramic knife that could use a good sharpening. Diamond belts are available for that cheaper unit, but not with the Onion unit. However, I would be able to easily get my Victorinox kitchen knife razor sharp! Then I could sell my ceramic knife.

I have a Hoodlum and Bussee Batttle Mistress that has a small nick near the tip. Will these units work for that and at which angle? I also have a handful of SAKs and some Kitchen knives big and small.

I like the Onion model cause of the many angles, but is it worth it? What about axes? and other stuff like Scandi grinds. I have a Mora and SBT.

In a nutshell, what you think?

I got rid of my finicky Lansky system cause all my stones were full of petro oil, not good for the kitchen.

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  B mag 17 SUPER coconut 200 yards
Posted by: Scottman - 12-19-2017, 11:43 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (18)

a little fun love this little round

[Image: 25398890_10214402302513510_1644079136974...e=5AC6666A]

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  9x25 dillon underwood 100 yard Kevlar
Posted by: Scottman - 12-19-2017, 11:27 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (3)

I'd recommend DKX for you or your kiddos backpacks

[Image: 25446357_10214402786325605_4567772055767...e=5AB105A6]

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  Anybody know RidgeRunnerSurvival?
Posted by: wmerrin - 12-14-2017, 03:46 AM - Forum: Welcome To The Hoodlums - Replies (2)

It looks like an old member, Ridgerunnersurvival, may be trying to sign up for a new membership.  If you know him, tell him to check his spam folder for the validation email and return it.  If he can't find it, have him send a note through the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page.


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  Buck Hoodlum discontinued?
Posted by: heresay2 - 12-14-2017, 02:21 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (1)

Been awhile since I’ve been on the forum. If this has been discussed already then I apologize.

Is the Buck Hoodlum no longer being made?
If so why? Any chance another company will take over the design?

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  Marbles "tactical Tomahawk" 20 bucks
Posted by: Scottman - 12-13-2017, 11:42 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)

caught my eye no experience with one


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  20 dollar walmart bowie and Druid 230
Posted by: Scottman - 12-11-2017, 12:21 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (16)

quick  look

[Image: 24909876_10214328566110146_3401886811957...e=5AC845B2]

[Image: 24991487_10214328578350452_5407851191685...e=5AC277C5]

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  TC compass rifle rebate till the end of the month
Posted by: Scottman - 12-10-2017, 05:33 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - No Replies

lots of different calibers available on the net 160 seems 200 is about the norm.

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  Small-ish knives
Posted by: Stormcrow - 12-10-2017, 04:24 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (2)

While I've been working on a variety of blade sizes and types, what I've actually finished up lately have been on the small side for me.  All are 80CrV2 steel with marine epoxy-impregnated paracord wraps.

This first is the smallest of the bunch at about a 5" long blade.  A fellow contacted me about making a knife for a friend of his who is going on a big hiking adventure in New Zealand.  He liked the looks of a smaller knife I had done several years back that appeared in an article by Joe Flowers in the final issue of "Tactical Knives" magazine, which featured retina-searing neon lemon cord for the underlay.  I happened to have some of the cord still on hand, and built an updated version of the one from several years back.

[Image: 27171698439_3a12af052f_c.jpg]nz01 by James Helm, on Flickr
[Image: 24083602657_211185b63c_c.jpg]nz02 by James Helm, on Flickr

I was able to get finished up and in the mail in time to get there the day before the friend was to leave, thankfully!

The rest of the bunch were forged to demonstrate for various shop visitors at different times, then claimed on Instagram.  They are all a bit longer than 7" blades, two long drop points and two tantos.  A couple of them went to repeat customers, which is nice, and the others to new customers, which is also nice.  Smile

[Image: 27171697739_53280c2af0_c.jpg]smallblades01 by James Helm, on Flickr
[Image: 24083602007_752949f6b4_c.jpg]smallblades02 by James Helm, on Flickr
[Image: 27171696629_863aa7448a_c.jpg]smallblades03 by James Helm, on Flickr
[Image: 24083600827_40a2bdc673_c.jpg]smallblades04 by James Helm, on Flickr
[Image: 27171695439_c0113bafdc_c.jpg]smallblades05 by James Helm, on Flickr

And now I'm working on finishing up bush swords.  Big Grin

[Image: 25077576618_2238f2f76d_c.jpg]bushswords01 by James Helm, on Flickr

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  Alone, documentary what they are doing wrong IMHO
Posted by: Limey Pete - 12-09-2017, 09:26 AM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (16)

I just watched the last Alone episode where the two brothers won.
And watching a few more on the Internet I have come to the conclusion, many are wasting their energies on an unneeded task.
That is the chopping and sawing firewood. There is no need.
This is how I manage fire wood.
First, as most know, use deadfall; some of the contestants were sawing green wood off trees.
Green wood smokes more and throws sparks.
When I find a branch of deadfall propped up off the ground, which is the driest, I stamp a few pieces off, and then I look for a tree with a split trunk.
Into the fork of the tree I insert four feet of branch, and push against the other end of the branch. 
I try to break off five feet lengths. I can also use a tree with a branch close to the trunk for this purpose. Sometime I have to strip these five feet lengths of finger thick twigs first.
Some times I find two logs on the ground, and use the lever method to break wood with them.
I take this wood to my fire site. I do not use a ring of stones by the way.
I seat myself leaning against a tree trunk up wind of the fire, and place at the right and left of me, the four feet lengths of wood. These I feed into the fire 18 inches a time left and right.
Thicker pieces of wood I lay across the furthest part of the fire to burn through the center of the thick wood.
This provides me with manageable pieces of fire wood.
By cutting the branches by the leverage method, I also remove a lot of damp bark which causes smoke.
In addition I have all the stamped wood, to use for fire starting and general burning.
And have not wasted any energy chopping and sawing fire wood.
What do you think?

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