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  Which small knife to buy and why? AG Russell
Posted by: Tn Ridge Rover - Yesterday, 09:06 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (1)

Gots a hankering for one of these itty bitty knives. Guess I just like small knives. Which one should I get?

Speaking of small knives, I've always wanted a D-2 Dozier knife. I have a few extra bucks now and these little Doziers have me impressed.
What ya think?  Which one?  I'm leaning towards the $40 cheaper black micarta.  


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  Email from Midland Arms folding shotgun
Posted by: Scottman - 02-17-2018, 02:44 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (2)

Actually rimfire barrels that will be coming in this summer will be .22LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR. Right now I do not see the .357 Mag on the list for centerfire, but I am sure it will be added in short order as the list is still being compiled. Yes, we should have spare parts available soon, so don't worry. In the meantime, if you have any problems, just contact us and we will take care of you.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Midland Arms Co.

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  New quiver
Posted by: Adapt-Overcome-Conquer - 02-15-2018, 09:28 PM - Forum: Hoodlum Workshop-Photos Please - Replies (6)

Hey! you guys check this out--ever since I started archery I have dreamed and fantasized about the day I could buy a quiver like the one I really wanted! That day has arrived!
.jpg   DSCF9699.jpg (Size: 65.05 KB / Downloads: 13) My custom quiver arrived yesterday from our very own master craftsman Kid (Jason) Coteau! Oh my god...its perfect I tell ya!
.jpg   DSCF9704.jpg (Size: 108.95 KB / Downloads: 11)
.jpg   DSCF9717.jpg (Size: 120.79 KB / Downloads: 11)

Heart Big Grin All I wanted and MORE- all leather, adjustable waist and chest strap, hardwood bottom, lined with sentimental value--my grannys old fox fur coat-  
.jpg   DSCF9707.jpg (Size: 126.91 KB / Downloads: 12)   -to dampen the arrow noise while hunting! WOW...I dont deserve such finery! and I got the family price. What a special life time piece I have--with matching knife! and custom sheaths for my broadheads--so I can carry extra arrows strapped to the side of it!
.jpg   DSCF9742.jpg (Size: 110.87 KB / Downloads: 11)
.jpg   DSCF9744.jpg (Size: 101.14 KB / Downloads: 11)
.jpg   DSCF9754.jpg (Size: 134.35 KB / Downloads: 10) I can draw from this one so much better than what I had before! Cant wait to get out there...I make my own arrows, bows and strings but some things--you just need a pro like Kid Coteau to do it for you! I LOVE IT...So pleased!

Thanks Kid!


Attached Files
.jpg   DSCF9749.jpg (Size: 81.73 KB / Downloads: 11)
.jpg   DSCF9720.jpg (Size: 129.18 KB / Downloads: 8)
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  Out with the $150 midland folding shotgun
Posted by: Scottman - 02-15-2018, 08:24 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (7)

25 yards

six shot 2.5 inch 410 , adapter, and ooo buckshot

[Image: 27867838_10214896809395873_1529769095022...e=5B047327]

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  180 dollar RP9 Pistol with 150 dollar Midland folding Shotgun
Posted by: Scottman - 02-12-2018, 06:03 AM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - No Replies

Two affordable firearms in the 2017 /2018 . Remington  RP9 very ACCURATE pistol  with 2 eighteen round  mags. Midland f olding shotgun with choke tubes. Pretty good balance of weight cost utility defense... pistol not having mag r est rictions covered with a CPL.

[Image: 27972138_10214864176140062_4268174541981...e=5B1AB6A9]

100 yards RP9

[Image: 24174217_10214220388445772_8271034482243...e=5B12C5BD]

[Image: 24129747_10214223445362193_5152286249964...e=5AD82A7F]

[Image: 24129961_10214223448642275_4617834941155...e=5AD97DCA]

[Image: 25591898_10214410782445503_2507104511554...e=5B26669C]

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  Making MEAT
Posted by: Adapt-Overcome-Conquer - 02-09-2018, 09:24 PM - Forum: Wilderness Cooking Forum - Replies (7)

Hi guys, so as some of you already know I have about 15 lbs of venison left in the freezer, which my step daughter is not a big fan of--so I don't cook it that often because she needs to eat too--shes picky and thin. It is great tasting meat, I've got shoulder, sirloin tip, stewing meat, round roast and everything in-between....I have made 2 roasts and a venison stew so far and all were delicious. Now I am looking to make the rest into sausages and peperettes. I know nothing about this at all...I spoke with my friend who butchered the deer with me, and he said are you frigging crazy girl?? you cant just decide to make that with no experience... But he doesn't really quite comprehend the research abilities of old Christine the Machine here...plus Ive got the boys interested in helping me.

a while back I tried these 70/30 venison peperettes that's what inspired me---they were sooo good.

Ok so I did my research and now I see why he said that, this is SOOOO complicated...there are literally hundreds of different recipes, methods ect...and if ya don't get it right the consequences can range from wasting 20 lbs of good meat (which is a crime IMO) TO poisoning your family and friends with a horrible clostridium botulism induced death (at which point I may as well just give up and fall on my sword) Big Grin

so I bought
basics....and read for days.

sausage gun-check
30% ratio of fatty pork (looking at getting 3 lbs of pork butt or shoulder and 2 pounds of pure pork fat cubes)

casings--no idea how many Ill need but a butcher shop in town says if you bring them 20 lbs of trimmed venison--with their pork it makes 35 lbs--they make you 320 peperettes-about 6 inches long--in 21 mm casings. So the way I figure it--after trimming all the white off--Ill have 10 to 12 lbs of deer and 5 lbs of pork, so we can make maybe 2 dozen large sausages and maybe 200 peperettes.  I am going to buy probably 15 feet of 35 mm casings and I dunno 100 feet of 21 mm for the peperettes?

spices- bought a variety pack of jerky and sausage seasonings--lemon pepper, mandarin teriyaki, spicy Cajun ect for the peperettes and found a nice recipe for honey garlic venison sausages online...

bowls, gloves, sanitizer, freezer bags, butcher paper ect ect...check

now the hard part--the curing, smoking, showering, blooming and packaging. Confused

I read that the "danger zone" is 40 to 140 degrees.--for botulism especially its 80 to 130 deg--try to keep it out of that zone as much as possible, no more than 4 hrs in that zone--..so the honey garlic sausages are going to remain raw, be packaged and frozen immediately. Ok easy. I also read good cuts make good sausage..some folks say ONLY pork fat 20 to 50% ratio...some say a fatty pork meat is better...so Im doing a mix of both.

The point of the peperettes though is to preserve them and have a snack that does not require refrigeration....so I must "cure the meat" before hand. I am buying cure #1. I read the max allowed amount of cure is 1 tsp per 5 lbs of meat otherwise its toxic...but they keep talking about this chemical reaction--the meat must be room temp, the nitrites, react with the bacteria and turn to nitrates which do not allow botulism to grow. Then the salts and nitrites in the meat turn it pink and then we are going to smoke them.

First we were going to cold smoke them for days, but Ive decided against that as I am not confident it is safe. So from what I have read--hot smoke em for 1 to 2 hrs--the internal temp of the meat they say lags behind the smoker temp by 25 deg. They say hickory is nice. They say to keep smoker below 150 deg F, then turn it up to around 170 deg for the last bit to actually cook them. They say it is done when internal temp reaches 154 deg F. They say afterwards you out them in a ice bath to stop cooking, dry them, hang them/blossom them ina  cool dark place for a few hrs...then package them...but will these be ok out of the fridge at room temp for a few days if I take them camping?? or what? so confused. They said when they erach 150 deg F the fat will drip out and we don't want that--but they said to turn it up to 170 for a little while

THIS IS HAPPENING TOMORROW--I have defrosted the meat and at this point---its sink or swim. Any advice or tips would be appreciated or just general comments...wish me luck! This is a primitive skill I hope to master one day.

AOC Big Grin  yum I hope

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  Memories of the Buck 119
Posted by: Kid Couteau - 02-09-2018, 07:27 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - No Replies

Hi All

Been going through my knives.   Remembered my first Buck 119. My wife and I was in Portland Maine at the time. Not too rough an area but I felt the need for some extra love so I went to the local Walmart and looked around. Bought a 119 for about 35 bucks, tucked it in my jeans and felt much better about things.

Anyways here are some pics and before anyone says yes most of them are new and never used. I have a lot of these for nostalgic purposes and I have my using knives. So so help me Scotty I dont know how well they make feather sticks ok.  Big Grin

Attached Files
.jpg   20180207_205009.jpg (Size: 2.21 MB / Downloads: 12)
.jpg   20180207_205033.jpg (Size: 2.48 MB / Downloads: 6)
.jpg   20180207_205053.jpg (Size: 2.13 MB / Downloads: 6)
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  Chinese Klebsi Plague
Posted by: Jimbo - 02-08-2018, 08:37 PM - Forum: Questions and Answers - Replies (1)

Is the Chinese Klebsi Plague real?  Fact or fiction, Nothing the Chinese do, nor anything coming from China surprises me, but at the same time is there any hard evidence to confirm or refute this plague?

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  Valentine's Day Sale at Survival.com
Posted by: Karen Hood - 02-07-2018, 09:06 PM - Forum: Welcome To The Hoodlums - Replies (1)

Anyone interested in replacing, updating to DVD or gifting, we have a good special running now until Feb 15th.  

Valentine's Day Savings from Survival.com!! Click Here.

Karen and Jesse

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  Cold Steel 2018
Posted by: Benjamin Liu - 02-07-2018, 07:25 PM - Forum: Knives and Assorted Weapons - Replies (4)


This is a small line-up, and mostly folders.  I suspect they'll be adding more products.

So far the ones I like are the drop forged pushdagger (they have not made an all-steel push knife since the Urban Pal in the 1980s)  and the Luzon (I don't know why they chose the name, but a slim folder with a flipper/guard and a blade profile of a dueling Bowie looks good.)

The Mini Tac Bowie looks good and would be a good knife, but they kept the bad sheath design.  If they had the kydex cover and hold the knife at the choil rather than the subhilt, it would make the knife much easier to draw from multiple carry methods.

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