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Full Version: Teriyaki Beef Jerky
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Teriyaki is my favorite kind!

yer making us mighty hungry  Big Grin
i like my jerky boiled up with a ramen noodles, and/or boiled with an onion and then throw in some instent rice to suck up the water. the marinade gives it the spice an flavor.
I live in a hot country, perfect for making beef jerky.
I used to make my own, and I found after a lot of trials, that soy sauce and a half teaspoon of salt was the best marinade for beef jerky.
Honey in the marinade made the beef jerky rubbery.
I just left the beef out in the sun on a tray, and turned it once after four hours, for another two hours.
I was never poisoned, and this jerky was as good as I could buy in any store.