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Full Version: Body Armor, what for undershirt?
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I was just issued a personal stab proof vest at work. Its for outside the uniform wear. First thought was I gotta lose a few pounds! Then other thoughts creeped into my feeble mind like now I have all these stab targets defined on my body. In the spring we had 3 officers stabbed. At least one of them was stabbed in the neck. I have no confidence in this vest but gotta wear it sometimes, if not always. Exception may be when carrying a handgun then the required vest will be heavier.

I've fought  Olympic rules Taekwondo with full body armor, back in the day and have experienced the challenges of fighting in body armor. My stab proof vest is much lighter than that (level 2).  I've also marched in bout 50 lbs of body armor able to stop a 30.06. That gig didn't last long in the hot summer sun.

I was part of a team that taught women's full contact rape defense with some extensive body armor! I think that gear was 50 or so pounds. I know how body armor effects fighting ability.

My question is what to wear under the vest in the summer? Links if ya can. Wiggys sells mesh long johns, I have the polypro garments like Capeline, etc. I have no knowledge or experience with UnderArmor.  Ideas?
I used under armor with mine. It helped keep sweat from pooling up, but nothing makes armor comfortable in the heat.

For me the best thing about armor was punches had no effect any more.
I've altered the Velcro on the side panels to give me some extra room. Might have to hide that detail from my supervisors. Everything would be all right except for working doubles on first shift and we have Big Brother cameras everywhere!