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Full Version: A question about curry
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I understand there are many spice combinations called "curry".  I am looking for one that smells and tastes like what I remember from childhood, a rich smell experienced at the county fair, walking down the midway.

Nothing I've found comes close.  Any ideas, brand names or experiences?
Maybe try this - I'm far from an expert, but my favorite spice shop returns 61 results from a search for Curry.  That may be a bit much for a trial order, but they have good descriptions of their spices.  Think back to the sources of your memories and see if you can pick out a likely geographic origin - India, Pakistan, Caribbean, etc or type of food - Tandoori chicken or whatever - and look there first.  Maybe their descriptions will resonate with the time/place of your memories.

Prices are very reasonable (especially compared to overpriced stale grocery store spices) and it would not be unreasonable to order a couple ounces of several candidates.  I wish I knew how to use all the spices I have ordered from them because they sounded so good.

World Spice Merchants, Seattle WA.



I think it was RadioRay that used to rave about his campfire Squirrel Tikka Masala...

Thanks, Wally! Yes,it was Ray... Bragging about his Tikka Masala, and I had no idea what he was talking about! Smile

That and his little backpacking French Press. I got one of those, and used it quite a lot.
Possibly an internet search for County and State Fair food vendors by type for a particular state and Period of time?
I think the most important ingredient in curry powder is cumin, either seeds, or ground.
I tend to make my own curry powder, but you are asking a lot Bill to match a taste you had at a country fair.
I doubt you will ever find that taste, and if you do, can you be sure it is the taste?
Bill, the mind tends to remember things with a favorable tendency. I remember when I was fifteen I used to buy these pork pies at a bakery. 
The gravy ran down my wrist. They were wonderful. They were so delicious. They were better than the best a ten rosettes Paris chef could produce. And let me be even more frank, just to show you that I'm not a hard-hearted man, and it's not all dollars and cents. She was the greatest piece . . .
Oops sorry I have slipped into my Godfather one mode.

Big Grin

Yeah, there are pretty much an infinite variety of curry blends, let alone curry recipes.

Boy, I do love me some curry also. I especially like a shrimp curry with potatoes in a chick pea roti  Heart
OK, everybody seems to have a favorite... What is your favorite curry?

Blend and place to buy it? I am not going to grind my own, you can just forget that. Smile

Wally, I got your recommendation, it’s great. Anyone else?
I never liked curry until I tried this red and green curry chicken and potato dish--from a thai restaurant...with coconut milk and lemon grass.....mmmm muh god making drool over here Big Grin
Chicken Korma is a favorite of mine.
Madrass is what I grew up with
My father had been tondia and was the curry chef in our house
Dal is a form of curry. It is just spicy pulses.
My favourite is orange lentils because they are the quickest to cook.
No matter what a cook does to make dal it seems impossible to make a bad batch. Some dal is just better than other dal.
I tend to follow a rough recipe which I use, with whatever is at hand at the time.
First, wash a half pound of orange lentils in water until the water runs clear, then put on the fire to boil.
Meanwhile chop fine, onions, shallots, spring onions, or whatever onion type vegetable you have to hand, and fry in a little vegetable oil for a few minutes – a handful is enough.
When the pan is taken off the heat throw in three chopped garlic cloves, just to soften.
Next, in the same pan pour a cup of just boiled water, and a chicken stock cube, or any stock cube will do.
Heat and stir to combine.
Then put in two table spoons of any curry powder, a big pinch of salt, heaped teaspoon of cumin powered, half teaspoon of ginger powder if you have it.
Plus coriander powder, seeds, of fresh, whatever you have
A squeeze of half a lemon, or lime,
Drain the still cooking orange lentils, and add the combination, I have suggested, to the lentils.
Simmer all for ten - twenty minutes to combine, and leave to soak.
You might have to add more water as the lentils absorbs the liquid – stir well.
When cool enough, taste the texture of the lentils. If they are still nutty, simmer for another ten minutes.
If not spicy enough to your taste, add ground pepper, chili flakes, or even chopped jalapeno.
Just before serving stir in a heaped table spoon of butter.
I sometime add chopped red or green bell peppers for colour, and I sometimes add fresh leaves of coriander on the top of the dal as decoration.
If serving to vegetarians, use a vegetable stock cube instead of a meat stock cube.
Dal will keep a week in a refrigerator, and sometime improves with the keeping, like wine.
Mrs. Grizzly makes a kick-ass Vindaloo but I believe it is fusion food and not totally East Indian
This thread reminds me that I made me a “Whelen curry” a while back and it was awesome.

Gotta get me another prickly critter... Smile

[Image: A188A360-128E-4208-8E0E-1F63A2D55F12_zpsnkiftwci.jpg]
Whelen curry like in Townsend?
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