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Full Version: Crickett pistol thing
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Pistols/handguns are extremely portable but I can hit significantly better with shoulder fired armamentaria.

Do ya remember the “The Road thread”?  Big Grin

As it forced me to go through the thought processes, I think my final take-away from that thread was I would want an accurate SBR/SMG but perhaps in rimfire so I can carry thousands of rounds of ammo. SBR’s are a great in-between in portability and shootability that handily address the pistol vs rifle conundra but it’s a PITA to get and use an SBR here.

Our Canadian neighbors actually have an easier time at owning and using what are essentially classified as SBR’s here in the United States. Though our current NFA laws preclude the easy procurement and field use of SBR’s (can’t hunt with them in my State), a recent white paper “determination” by the powers that be have proclaimed that “pistol braces” are kosher on handguns even when “shouldered”.

I bolted a 1.25” OD Al tube onto a KSA Crickett bolt action, singleshot, 10” barreled handgun and attached a KAK Shockwave Blade pistol brace to the tube. It is not an SBR though it looks like one and it may function like one in regards to its easy shootability and compact form factor, that it is an in-between animal.

It weighs 2 lbs and 4 oz, has an OAL of 25.25”, and a LOP of 12.5”.

[Image: 72907D25-A65E-485D-87BD-67E853D7EE0C_zpso75fz140.jpg]

[Image: 51EDE87C-99E2-422C-AFB9-977B4FD5D342_zps3dkdpqbq.jpg]

[Image: BE4F0E5D-F57A-42AE-8DF3-8A42B3666626_zpslgzrx6nb.jpg]

[Image: 7867C459-D48F-451D-AD7F-2DC62E77D777_zps1chmtpw2.jpg]

I fashioned a trigger guard for it made out of Kydex and then attached it with G/Flex. It is very rigid but I will eventually replace that with a metal unit from KSA. I may even repaint it Smile

[Image: 2CF0CF1B-F40E-41FE-B575-8BEDE1F9A4BF_zpsyokgxrrp.jpg]

[Image: 5FCD9F17-2638-4304-8283-336002C2AAE2_zpshqdq49ke.jpg]

This handgun carries effortlessly on a sling and it is markedly easier to hit with. The single shot bolt action is a lot of fun! I do not feel underserved by its action when putzing around in the woods and hoping to get lucky with small game. I shoot it with the brace touching my collar bone, with a very square, non-bladed hold... something you would never and cannot do with a rifle. It is easily fired one handed or with two, non-trigger hand holding the brace against your forearm.

It is pretty much legal anywhere one can legally possess and use rimfire handguns with a carry permit for all sporting and lawful purposes. 

No Scottman, I have not shot it at 100y because I cannot see targets past 40y anymore  Big Grin

[Image: 47EFB293-90F5-41CD-8BB7-97F8BC2676B7_zpsztc8yibk.png]
I'm loving the Crickett thingy. (Funny spell check didn't like crickett but thingy was just fine) time to go into production.
Good minds think alike you don’t want to see the tricks I got for my cricket pistols in the work room ! Myself haven’t got my data with my 22 lr and 22 mag pistol yet can only do so much in a day
I like this
I wonder how hard it would be to attach a folding adapter to it so you have a folding brace?
(02-28-2018, 03:11 PM)Kid Couteau Wrote: [ -> ]I like this
I wonder how hard it would be to attach a folding adapter to it so you have a folding brace?

I keep thinking along those lines too Kid.

The KAK brace does mount on any AR tube so one could just adapt the existing AR buffer tube folding mechanisms out there.

If just looking at telescoping options (my preference), I am leaning towards the pistol brace itself being the “normal pistol grip”  when in the collapsed position and then functioning as the brace when extended, where you just hold the naked tube by the trigger to fire like I do now. It would be ridiculously easy to make this thing even more compact by making it telescoping using simple collapsible tent pole/kayak paddle “snap spring button” mechanisms. It is very NOT rough-duty grade but that is not what this pistol thing is, i.e. not a fighting gun.


(snap spring button)
[Image: img_4179_500x500_.jpg]

Speaking of which, one of the revelations to me with this thing is how NOT WEIRD it is to pull the trigger with no grip whatsoever. The 1.25” OD tube can be held like one would a pencil and use one's middle finger to pull the trigger. Even if using the trigger finger in the same vein, it is still surprisingly not odd.

(an “assault closet pole”)
[Image: 8C9ABE22-6803-4219-88AD-892471C67E0E_zpsfpomosi5.jpg]

What does this mean regarding certain whacko laws which ban and define a “pistol grip” as any protrusion under a semiauto rifle’s action? Well, how about absolutely zero protrusions?!  Big Grin

If I were to put a pistol grip on it, I would do it in the form of a short section of picatinny rail to which I can add a quick release, stubby AR vert foregrip.
Being a handgun I wonder if there are any laws that would say this is an NFA "other" because it does not have a hand grip.

A handgun is designed to be held in one hand so to speak. Just trying to see it as a lawyer would. Ohhh my head hurts now.
It is used easily with one hand. No problem there.

Besides, it was already manufactured as a handgun.
(02-28-2018, 03:24 PM)alukban Wrote: [ -> ](an “assault closet pole”)
Quick, where can I purchase one, before Dick's Sporting Goods & all the other like minded stores, quit selling them? Big Grin
Added a pistol grip in the form of a BCM shorty VFG attached to a 3 slot pic rail Smile

[Image: F3798B74-29ED-49FD-8F44-BD4BC4732203_zpspte41wau.jpg]

[Image: EC54032A-C914-4C6A-9243-509DA13B7FE5_zps43jteblw.jpg]
That is a sweet setup.