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Full Version: 180 dollar RP9 Pistol with 150 dollar Midland folding Shotgun
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Two affordable firearms in the 2017 /2018 . RemingtonĀ  RP9 very ACCURATE pistolĀ  with 2 eighteen roundĀ  mags. Midland f olding shotgun with choke tubes. Pretty good balance of weight cost utility defense... pistol not having mag r est rictions covered with a CPL.

[Image: 27972138_10214864176140062_4268174541981...e=5B1AB6A9]

100 yards RP9

[Image: 24174217_10214220388445772_8271034482243...e=5B12C5BD]

[Image: 24129747_10214223445362193_5152286249964...e=5AD82A7F]

[Image: 24129961_10214223448642275_4617834941155...e=5AD97DCA]

[Image: 25591898_10214410782445503_2507104511554...e=5B26669C]