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Full Version: Are There Any Hoodlum Hog Hunters?
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Something that has been on my to do list for longer than I care to admit.  It always seems something needs attention more than hunting hogs, once the regular hunting season ends. 

I made some pig pipes a couple of years ago and clipped the undergrowth with a rotary mower developing a place away from my deer food plots and deer stands in order to entice the local feral hogs and then hunt them there.  Five gallon bucket buried to a depth of two feet (or more) and filled with corn allowed to sour and some 2 liter Red Cream Soda bottles buried a couple of feet or more in the ground with the top removed are both reportedly top attractants for wild swine.  The locals also tell me about a couple of other questionable items that swine readily smell and respond to, but I am very doubtful I will ever use either.  I am sure neither item is unethical in the slightest, but I am not sure I want to use either myself.  No traps or snares will be used, since enticement & hunting is the only game plan.

I have read quite a bit about hunting the hogs, and spoken with a few locals who reportedly have experience hunting the local hog populations, but was just wondering if any hoodlums have experience hunting the wild pig?  If so, do you have any stories to share?
After doing some reading I was amazed at the feral hog population in America and te amount of area it covers.
(01-29-2018, 10:27 AM)jbarrow Wrote: [ -> ]After doing some reading I was amazed at the feral hog population in America and te amount of area it covers.

Not only do their numbers & range cover the vast majority of the CONUS, but there are feral hogs in Canada, reported in some of the articles I have read.  Not only are there vast numbers of them, but they are very smart animals, and they learn very quickly from their mistakes.   

One article I read, the author said he had no doubt feral swine could learn to drive an auto, if only they had a thumb.  That might be carrying things a little far!
Back when I hunted, I was fascinated with wild boar. I read that when they get established in an area, you cannot eradicate them! Profligate breeders and smart, all they need is food, water and a thick place to hide/bed down.

These Chinese people should have done some pig hunting previous to this incident.

Piggies are not to be trifled with.

That pig acts strange, I wonder if it is rabid? He wasn't responding to the shovel hits to the head. That woman however... Don't have much pity on her, standing out there like that. They can rip you up really bad.
The shovel would have been more effective had the user turned it on its edge and hit right in the eyes, or at least aimed for the eyes.  Always inflict the greatest pain & do the greatest damage with each effort extended to end the conflict as quickly as possible. 

Any warm blooded animal can contract Rabies, and the Tusker acted like he was "mad" (ie:  enraged or angry) more likely than Rabid, to me at least.  If Rabid, he most likely would have been drooling some, but I did not see any drool or saliva trail, fall or flung from the pigs mouth.

Obviously they had never dealt with a ticked-off pig before.
I've wanted to go on a wild pig hunt for a long time.  I even have the gun picked out!  Unfortunately, I think my only option would be to use an outfitter and I don't have the money for that.  So, it's in my "maybe some day" list.
(01-29-2018, 03:00 AM)Jimbo Wrote: [ -> ]................ just wondering if any hoodlums have experience hunting the wild pig? 

Sure have, but not in the US.

-With dogs & knife

-With motor bikes

-Spotlighting from a vehicle

-On foot


-Tropics to western plains to snowy mountains

Pigs can be almost anywhere, they will be right there with the cockroaches after a nuclear apocalypse.

I hear there's lots in Texas Huh
I have never hunted hogs, but I have killed a lot of them. A friends ranch in Texas is overrun with hogs. We fenced the water tanks, and built trigger gates. The hogs could go in but could not get out. Every four or five days we would check the pens and shoot any hogs we caught. The deer and turkeys could go over the fence but not the hogs. We would leave the hogs where they lay. The best bait for catching hogs is a dead hog. They will eat anything.