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Full Version: Flu Survival kit. Contents?
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Survival kit contents have been beaten to death! Yet we keep on beating it to death. Why? For me, its the search for one itty bitty nugget of info or technique that has escaped my feeble brain. Dashing's sharp key is a winner for me. For street EDC, its an easy, quick way to open packages and other things, like that bag of peanuts that just won't open without sharp assistance and your knife is deep in your pocket while driving 60 mph.  Big Grin

Flu survival kit. I'm getting some real world experience of that one now. The list comes down to needed items and comfort items. Gimme your list. I'll start with a couple basics.

Thermometer, but which one? Your temp is a deal breaker for going to the Doc. I'm my case, I just called my Doc's nurse and she called in a Tamaflu order to my pharmacy.  Also, I've found carbonated water or soft drinks to rock. Gatorade would be good to. Which items have I missed as your favorites?
For thermometers, most today are digital. The problem with that is that they rely on batteries and I don't think they are as accurate as mercury. In my experience their readings are a bit low, but I supposed if they are consistent you can adjust it in your mind.

I had the flu in 2003 and I went to Walmart to buy some thermometers since my cousins also had it, and all I could find were digital. I asked the pharmacist if they had mercury thermometers and she told me that they don't because too many people needed to go back to school because they couldn't read them. IIRC this is actually due to a law however. I now have a few in my medical supplies.

Digital thermometers are quicker and easier to use, however. I'd use one as my primary and if the reading is high or if I feel really bad I'd check again with a mercury thermometer.
Always aspirin.
Dave, what do you use aspirin for rather than Ibuprofen or Tylenol?

BTW, for those who don't know, taking aspirin with either of the other two is highly dangerous.
81 mg ASA keeps the blood thin and delays the big one
A doctor on another forum I hang out on says that taking regular Gatorade (G) can make diarrhea worse. He recommends Gatorade (G2). He says the formula replenishes lost electrolytes better. FWIW....

He has an interesting background: Was a Special Forces soldier (snake eater), then chief flight surgeon. Now an MD that goes to poor countries each summer to help. Lots of practical experience.

Lots of nurse friends are saying this dramatically reduces flu symptoms.
Does anyone ever say how to prepare it, and what the dosage is?
If you're asking about the elderberry, my wife got some extract from the health food store and it was one teaspoon every 4 hours (the bottle directions).
Elderberry, that's some new info worth checking out.

I take the original Excedrin with aspirin, caffeine and Tylonol. Whats wrong with that? I know Tylonol is bad for the liver, that's why I also take some  milk thistle.

I began my flu with packets of Emergen-C and oregano oil. Since I started the Tamaflu, I've reduced that protocol.
Thanks, Mike...

TRR: In my research, I read that aspirin taken with either Ibuprofen or Tylenol is extremely bad for the liver. Ibuprofen taken with Tylenol is very effective for pain, almost as effective as Tylenol codeine.
(01-14-2018, 03:29 PM)Bill Hay Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, Mike...

TRR:  In my research, I read that aspirin taken with either Ibuprofen or Tylenol is extremely bad for the liver.  Ibuprofen taken with Tylenol is very effective for pain, almost as effective as Tylenol codeine.

Appreciate it. I'll keep the Ibuprofen and Tylenol in my bag of tricks. The days of using old pain pills has gone. Random drug tests have put an end to that.  Excedrin is extremely good for my headaches. Your alternative is worth a try!

And now to piss people off, there's this stuff, I was surprised at the high reviews it got from Amazon. My experience has been it definitely lowered my suffering from a particularly bad case of the flu I had one year. My suffereing went from a 20 level to maybe 13.  This was when I was staying in an old girls reform school that had been converted into a Corrections training academy.  That place was notorious for giving me the flu! The jury is still out on this stuff but it did help that once. I think the elderberry stuff may hold the most promise.

My Emergen-C and oregano oil combo may or may not have helped this time. It didn't hurt. I did this at the onset.



Here's some elderberry stuff I just ordered. Previous reviews said to get  it from these folks. They sell it in different ways like pills, etc. Too late to try for this time but I have friends whom may need a fix.
"And can I say something else?" No one has even mentioned the best part of the flu! Whats your favorite flu comfort foods?
Chicken and rice soup
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