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Full Version: Estate Sale (90 North's Widow)
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Thug $125, Punk $100 K-bar $60 Tops Hoodlum $500 photos in order of initial text. Photos available, pristine cold

Admin Edit: Phone number deleted, all knives are sold.
90North was a long-time member of the forum and Karen has approved this listing of his knives. We are saddened by his loss.

John was a very nice gentleman
He will be missed.
We loved John. And we want to best for his wife Lee. She has some really nice blades to pass on to someone.

If I didn't already have all of these, I would jump on them. Great blades, good prices, and I don't think they are available any more. Someone should add them to their collection while they are still available to the Hoodlums.
Ill be taking all but the Hoodlum Big Grin

if no one snaps em up before I do....

(01-13-2018, 01:04 AM)Grizzly Dave Wrote: [ -> ]John was a very nice gentleman

John would have either laughed or punched ya for that remark Grizz, he spoke highly of you as well Angel Big Grin Cool

he was a fine gentleman indeed...I liked him a lot. Although rather than fine gentleman he would have much preferred to be called one tough bad ass old crazy mother! Or as he use to say "not bad for a poor boy from Arkansas.... who couldn't swim"

The guy worked as a medic and pilot in Nam-2 tours I believe, also was a sprayer against mosquito death over there...helped patch up some guy who went on to get a purple heart for those injuries....he worked in the Tektite habitat after that, a standby for the Navy divers, dealing with this pompous ass named Jaques Cousteau (his words not mine) and sustained major burns to his hands and face when a CO2 tank exploded on him....he was even friends with dudes in the French Foreign Legion and they toughened him up further-- taught him to drink AND LIKE nasty ol' rotten 40% Algerian wine...he never had children but would have made a wonderful dad...he and Lee had fur babies (donkies?) and a diabetic dog.

He even crashed his plane and was a quadriplegic for over a year---they said he would never walk again, he walked out of there...moral of the story is DONT ever tell a hoodlum they can not do something or you will end up eating those words.

I know he is in heaven now.

(01-16-2018, 09:25 PM)Adapt-Overcome-Conquer Wrote: [ -> ]Ill be taking all but the Hoodlum Big Grin


Some nice additions to your selection of knifes.
(01-17-2018, 11:22 PM)Jimbo Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-16-2018, 09:25 PM)Adapt-Overcome-Conquer Wrote: [ -> ]Ill be taking all but the Hoodlum Big Grin


Some nice additions to your selection of knifes.

Oh hell yeah...I'm gonna be like a kid at Christmas...only way to justify this is they are amazing knives by our founders AND they once belonged to a friend and great hoodlum....so I didn't catch too much flak from Joe Rolleyes  not too much....

well....I told myself...no..no not the Hoodlum! Are u freaking crazy AOC, you cant afford that...you irresponsible, lackadazical fool ...sumofa...

but Lee graciously accommodated me with a payment plan so......

I am happily getting them all   Big Grin


Nobody say a word about that Hoodlum to Joe...he will find out in due time....when I catch him off guard... Blush

Very cool, and you are helping the lady....
I own three Hoodlums. Good kit.
(01-26-2018, 06:42 PM)Bill Hay Wrote: [ -> ]Very cool, and you are helping the lady....

hee hee that's my justification to my husband...but honestly I would help her in any way I could.


(01-27-2018, 06:19 AM)thatmckenzie Wrote: [ -> ]I own three Hoodlums. Good kit.

Yes, and Ill be doing a review  Big Grin

The came!!! Holeey moleeey! Big Grin Cool  I am rich I tellz ya....blade rich!

woohoo!! Some of the boxes are even signed by Karen and Jesse! Heart

The Canyuckian taxes and duties weren't too bad either...

cant wait to test out these bad boys...the only way I could calm Joe down was to gift him the Thug..the Punk is my favorite, the Hoodlum will probably go into a display case and the K bar might be gifted to someone....


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