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Full Version: New Members: Important Registration Email Reminder
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If you are a new user registering for an account, please watch for an email confirmation message from Info@survival.com with the subject "Account Activation at Hoods Woods New Hoodlums Forum".  We require a valid email address to sign up, so if you don't validate the email from the response sent you, your account won't be activated.  A significant percentage of new accounts on the old forum were never activated, which leads me to believe the recipients lost them in their spam folders.

So if you don't get a validation email from the board fairly soon after registering - be sure to check your spam folder, wherever that might be. 

NOTE:  If you don't receive the validation email use this "Contact Us" link to send us a short note about the problem: Contact Us
The link is also at the bottom of the page.

We're sorry for the inconvenience but the board has been a target for spammer registrations for some time now, and we have had to take defensive measures to keep the joint clean.