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Full Version: KITH...aka Knife in the Hat
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I see old .....errrr.......moderately mature, jbarrow is hinting at holding a KITH...or as it is known to others, a Knife in the Hat drawing.  (you can read that as SHOUTING at the top of his lungs).

We can certainly do that, but there are two minor conditions:

1. It will not happen until after Rabbit Stick...after 16 Sep 2017...
2. A minimum of 12 people must participate

I will happily moderate it as in the past.

How much interest do we have out there?


I'm in!
me  Big Grin

I will play.
I'm in, I gotta offload some gear before the missus finds my stash Big Grin
Gee, let me think??????   Of Course I'm in!    Good to see ya at bunny twig!
OK, that is 6....half the required number.  Those who are interested, please chime in.

I swore I'd never do another one of these because I was so busy, but...

Include me, please. I'll make it happen.
I am in
I'm your huckleberry 
Count me in Cool
Oh = what the heck - Ddennis - just so long as you promise to bring the white elephant bck this year, then sign me up for the KITH too.

Well WFW,,,,,the WE is not up to me, but rather up to you and the forum population......it has not been held recently due to lack of participation.....

The good news with this KITH is that we have almost arrived at the magic number. I urge everyone to contact folks and encourage their participation,,,,,,

So far, so good.

It's been a long time... sign me up.

(09-21-2017, 10:54 PM)wmerrin Wrote: [ -> ]It's been a long time... sign me up.


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