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Full Version: Welcome New and Old Members!!!!
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Hi Everyone, Welcome!!!!!!!

Just wanted to thank you for coming on over and checking out the new forum!  It took literally years for me to find the right person to finally move over this forum to an updated software package.  I want to personally thank Dravine (Jesse) for offering to do this for us.  It took him quite a bit of time to do this and I can not thank him enough for this day to finally be here.

I want to also thank the moderators,  Main Man Wally, DD, Griz, Swede, RatherBCamping, and Bill Hay and Aboman who stood by me while we were in this process.  We were originally going to move the forum to Facebook and do a static picture of the old forum for just a reference until Dravine stepped in and said he knew a way to keep it alive with new and similar, yet BETTER software.  He had the power and knowledge to do this and it was quite an effort on his part.  Our moderators were very patient and even they didn't know that it would be possible to save this forum other than moving it to Facebook.

Once I head from Dravine that it would be possible to save the forum, I gathered all the moderators and asked if they'd still like to move forward and there was a resounding "YES!!!!" So here we are.

I am so happy.  I wish Ron was here to see that we saved the forum!  

This software has much more features than the other super - out - of - date IVB Software we were on before.  

Check it out!  Ask questions!  Say Hi!  Give us a status update on yourselves!  

ALSO---- to celebrate this monumental feat we are having a SUPER sale the month of September.  All DVD's are only $10 and all Survival Quarterly Magazines are only $5.  And our gift sets are even more reduced!  Check out the sale here: super sale at survival.com !!!

I have more to say, but that's it for now!  Just gonna wait and see what super cool familiar "faces" we see on this wonderful resource!


It's good to be home...
awesome to see it come together
Yesss!!!!!! Welcome back renegade and randyt -K
I've already noticed that in the migration, some signature lines are blown open and take a lot of screen space, and may have old embedded code in them.

If members can take a moment to clean up their profiles, update their avatars, and make sure they're not abusing the new system, that'd be fantastic.
Glad to be back!


Awesome Karen! It all looks great!
Thanks Jesse and Karen.
I'm here.
Checking in. Like the looks of the new place. Glad you old save the forum Karen.  Smile
Thank you Karen and Jesse for getting this back together!

... Enjoying the southern Oregon smoke ...
I am so excited to see you all!!!! Thank you for checking back in! I missed us all too!!! Can't wait to see how many more find our new place!

Yay! So glad all the old info wasn't lost! I'll bet Ron is smiling right now. <3
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