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Full Version: Maple Syrupin This Year
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Hey good people, I spend a few days every spring helping out a buddy make syrup. This year seems to be unusual, what with the never ending winter we are having here in the upper midwest. Never before has the sap flowed so late into April, and it looks like we will have a least another week before it is done. Another thing that is unusual is we are geting a 30:1 sap to syrup result this year, instead of the ususal 40:1. A fair amount of sugar sand too, but we are filtering that out. So anybody else been syruping, and how has it been going for you?

Haven't made any syrup, but have had to trim trees around my sister's new homesite. The sugar maple, though tappable in the past, simply wouldn't bleed when we were lopping limbs. The walnut, however, was so wet that, when I stood a log on its end, there was a puddle around it in seconds.

Everything seems backwards!
I live in the land of no hardwoods
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I live in the land of no hardwoods


I feel your pain Matt!!!!
Today we pulled the taps, a few of the trees have started producing dark colored sap. Others were still producing good sap, maybe we could have gotten a few more days out of them. Weather man is predicting it will warm up a lot in a few days, our long delayed spring is coming at last. Still it has been a great year for maple syrup. We boiled all day today. I might try making a small batch of maple syrup mead later this year.