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Hey Guys,

This is not really a forage type recipe but my Dad used to make it every time whenever we went camping when I was younger and I always try to make it now whenever I go… It’s something to put on top of hotdogs, but I find it tastes good on anything. It’s an old family recipe and it looks like a lot but really it isn’t and it takes about 15 min. to make. I put all the dry ingredients in a little container if I plan to make it and all you need then is some water, and a can of potted meat… But anyway here is the recipe…

3 Beef Bouillon Cubes (Or a pack of the Roman Noodles Seasoning)

2 Cups Water

1 tsp. Paprika

½ tsp. Chili Powder

½ tsp. Red Pepper

½ tsp. Dry Mustard

½ tsp. Garlic Powder

½ tsp. Season Salt

½ tsp. Cajun Pepper

1 sm. Can Potted Meat

1 tsp. Steak Sauce (Forgot about this you I take a bottle with me but I guess you could bring a little in a small bottle…)

½ c-1c Bread Crumbs (Italian)

Mix all but bread crumbs, bring to boil, boil 5 min. add crumbs, Turn down to low heat, the more it simmers the better it is.

This is excellent and one of my best memories of camping with my father…

Take it easy,


p.s. Forgot to say that with hotdogs a little mustard, and onions with this sauce and you have an awesome Dog...
Thanks. I printed it out and I'll try it the next time out.