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Full Version: Soot Problems
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I’m not sure if this is the right section.

I have two questions and I’m thinking that the answer may be the same for both.

How can I get the soot off the bottom of my cast iron cookware without scrubbing it?

I have noticed a couple of Hoodlums carrying their cook cans on their pack or belt without getting soot on them. How do you do that?

Seems like I’m always getting soot from my cook stuff on everything.

Thanks for any help.

As the cook can seasons and you cook more with coals than flame the soot level is much less, however you can never really stop the soot...it's part of the whole package. Plus my cook can has it's own little pouch, it's dirty inside but the pouch keeps everything else like the pants, shirt, pack or rucksack clean.

I do very light and primitive Skin On Frame kayak camping so no heavy cast iron for me...every ounce can make a long portage in hilly or wet country a nightmare. When we use the canoe or car camp then the Lodge dutch ovens come along...we only do a light scrubbing of the outside with sand and never touch the inside except a light coating of oil.
Mike, get this months issue of Wilderness Way magazine...Dude has an article about cooking in cans....perfect to answer your questions....better yet, get a subscription....
Yeah what Stonedog said...

Soot on the can mostly comes from putting the can over flames...wait untill you have cooking coals...then put your can over it to cook...Oil your can before you cook and after you have cleaned it up ...inside and outside.I also have a cloth bag that I put my can in ...but dont always use it..

If you live in yucca country you can make a great scrub brush with the yucca leaves...If you live where yucca grows I will explain how to make a brush..I showed this at the ronnyvoo at Bull Trout..As a matter of fact in the first picture Muddyboots posted, in the photo section ,Im showing the yucca brush to the guys who are stunned and amazed.

Or if you have wild cucumber get the pods take off the thorny skin and the skeleton that is left makes a great scrubber for cast iron , it will not screw up your cast iron.....I use them all the time...Just let them dry out between uses...I have had one last for 7 months and it was used everyday...They work better than the steel wool with soap in them...only they dont scratch the cast iron..

hope that helps a bit...

Dude >>>coveryer6ownsix<<<
Hey, thanks for all the help.

I just got my first Wilderness Way Magazine. Look like it may become my second favorite after The Backwoodsman.

Thanks again, Mike