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Full Version: 5 Gallon Cache
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I'm pretty well set up with both goods and experience, to deal with a huricane.

but the earthquake in Haiti concerns me. I've known that a quake is a possibility, and have made some plans on what to do if there is a tsunami while I am at work. (I work at sealevel, home is 230feet ASL)

However, I am a little concerned that all my eggs are in one basket; my home. While it is a well built concrete and block structure with lots of rebar, If it DID colapse, my stuff would be buried.


I'm thinking that I need to have a few caches in other locations (my office, my wife's office, friend's house, buried in a private area)

Here's the deal. You have a 5 gallon bucket. what do you put in it to help someone that just lost everything? Figure it will be 3 weeks before help is sorted out. It's the tropics, so temps will range from low of 75 to high of 92.

I'll be making 2-4 of these so cost should be kept down as much as possible. When I build them, I'll post a list and pictures.

So, what should go in the bucket?
Another area to store some goods, you might consider is a small storage unit between home and office.

In the 5 gal buckets I think the survival rules still apply, shelter, water, food. Tarp or plastic sheet, rope, water or purification, food items, in-expensive small tools.


1. Pry tool

2. Water

3. Plastic

4. Fire

5. Medical supplies

6. Mosquito net

7. Knife

8. Cordage

9. Radio

10. Flashlight

11. Batteries

12. Food

13. Ammo
Look at this as an option

More food for thought.

[url="http://libertyquestandfreedomboard.yuku.com/topic/3004"]5 gallon bucket challenge[/url]
[quote name='akabu' post='445467' date='Feb 24 2010, 06:37 PM']Look at this as an option


Hey ZGF, I've not been on for awile. Good to be back!

My 2¢ worth... We, (Otter & I) use the big kitty litter bucket method, non-descript in the back of the SUV. My list; a pot (and canteen cup), dried beans, rice, PB, coffee filters, bleach, iodine, (the last two, for water), honey, hot sauce,and alum foil. (in appripo quanties) a heavy knife, multi-tool (even cheap ones). 2 or 3 myler survival blankets. Duct tape, latex gloves, couple of surgical face masks, and a decent size bottle of hand sanitizer, (for fire starting too!). a 3 ft lenth of small dia plastic tubing, ( drinking straw, fire blowing). If you wear glasses, throw in a old pair, readers or a "pin-hole" set. Of coarse, a fire start & first aid kit. also a small adj. wrench and the biggest screwdriver (prybar) that will fit. Other things; socks, gloves, bar of soap, para-cord etc., and anything youv'e thought of that I havn't. I would not pack a weapon, maybe ammo...

This sound like a lot. make it fit by assesing your needs and a little thought. ie, Wrap the duct tape around the peanut butter jar, or tape items to the outside, (If the bucket is out of sight) All dry goods in zip bags, pack tight. Use newspaper or paper towels to FILL all voids, you can alway toss it if not needed, but it could come in handy,( I know it's a pain to open and go through your stuff... but wouldn't those 10 sheets of NP be handy...) If you have room, put 1 or 2 sm bottles of water in.

Let me know your thoughts... I KNOW I can learn a few tricks...


DUH... I forgot my fav. thing, garbage bags. You can dump all your stuff into 'em an use you bucket for water ect...
[quote name='quietmike' post='445485' date='Feb 24 2010, 05:28 PM']More food for thought.

[url="http://libertyquestandfreedomboard.yuku.com/topic/3004"]5 gallon bucket challenge[/url][/quote]

how about the cheapest/easiets/simplest small cache challege
[quote name='quietmike' post='445485' date='Feb 24 2010, 06:28 PM']More food for thought.

[url="http://libertyquestandfreedomboard.yuku.com/topic/3004"]5 gallon bucket challenge[/url][/quote]

Great link, QM......+1 <img src='http://www.hoodswoods.net/IVB/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thumbsup:' />

I would think you couldn't get enough water in the bucket to leave room for other things.


A water purifier

A collapsable water container.

A canvas collapsable bucket

A couple of water bottles

First aid kit



fire starters


high energy food bars (lifeboat type)

hard candy



small garden trowel

collapsable gardeners saw

mini fishing kit

local guides (plant,fish,game etc)
Used food grade buckets are available from grocery-store delis, bakeries and dough nut stores. They have a waterproof gasket in the lid. Do not use pickle and Soy Sauce buckets. You will never get rid of the odor.

Mice and rats can smell food through the plastic and will chew through to get it. Eliminate this by using sealed food grade Mylar bags.

If you plan to cover your buckets more than a foot deep, place a piece of plywood on the lid before covering.

Whatever the contents, put a couple of folded cloth bags in each bucket. Carrying a five gallon bucket quickly becomes no fun at all.

For longer items four or six inch PVC pipe with rubber clamped covers are the answer.

Excuse me if this post is something everyone already knows. Just trying to help.

Immediate consumption items like MRE entrees and water. If ya can get to the bucket, you will be stressed! Hungry and thirsty!

Seal it with a normal lid. Bury it with a lid pry bar.
I read someplace that befor you set the lid on , to run a small bead of silicone sealer to make sure that the seal is waterproof. Make sure and make a map of all your caches so you dont loose em or that a family member can find em if your incapacitated.
Something to cook and something to cook with? Even if it is just piece of flat steel. Can openers?

Spear point

Face mask or goggles

Mesh bag

Water proof fuse + stuff

Dive knife

1000 & 1 ways to cook conch <img src='http://www.hoodswoods.net/IVB/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thumbsup:' /> book, I belive you will have to write it first.

Also the normal landlubber stuff

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