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I put one together, though I don't have any idea if it would even be useful in any way. It's more of a system, but centered on a bag, with some peripheral items that are necessary for it to function.

Here's the "back story" on the idea. The scenario I see this being used in is right after whatever disaster happens (Tornado, flood or maybe an earth quake here, as a few natural possibilities). I am thinking something long term, so the damage would have to be pretty extensive. What specifically happens isn't that important, really.

Basically, I want a reasonably low profile bag, but not necessarily EDC-able. In that bag, I (will) have the essentials; fire, water, food, (or the ability to make it) maybe shelter, but it's urban, and 'deserted' so preexisting shelter would be easier to come by. I don't want any more bulk/weight than I absolutely need, because the point is to bring stuff back not pack it out. I need a means of getting bigger things out, which is where the internals come in.

So, on to the system itself. The main bag is an SOE dump pouch. It is probably 8x10x2 inches with a small pistol mag pouch on either size, and 4 chem light slots under the flap. The top flap also has an opening in it, lined with elastic to keep things in. I have had this thing for years, and love it. I have had no real use for it since I stopped carrying a rifle around all the time (sad I know), but really want to keep it. I attached a shoulder strap, and it carries nicely. The opening will allow me to drop small things in quickly, so I can do it on the run, should that be necessary.

In the bag would be chem lights in their slots, a more powerful light and a multitool in the small pouches on the sides. In the main compartment I have a note pad and pencil to take notes of items of interest that I am either unable to take with me, or just don't need yet. About 10 feet of tubular webbing with some triglides and 10 feet of old static rappelling line, both to improvise a carrying/dragging harness for whatever it is that I find out there. On the back, there is a small pouch with a BSA hot spark wrapped with snare wire, button compass and about 10 feet of 550 cord a small buck knife and a Cold Steel Urban Pal (only because it fit perfectly behind it). I am considering adding a mylar space blanket or an emergency tube tent. Perhaps one of the heavier tarp like space blankets could be included, and also used in improvising the carrying harness. I had one of those until the dog found it...

With this I would also be carrying a small heavy duty prybar-ish knife. I have two in mind, but most likely it would be the Strider DB-L because the thing seems damn near invincible. A good tomahawk, of course, would also be coming along. The bag already has a provision (added by me) to carry it. Also I would be carrying a GI 2 qt canteen and iodine tabs. It would also be quite easy to attach my ECO hawk case to this, but it has another home right now.

Most likely I would also be carrying a handgun and spares on me as well. Concealed or open, depending on a huge number of factors.

This bag isn't meant to sustain a long term outing, just day trips essentially. Hence, no cooking vessels and very few tools.

Now, considering all of that, does anyone else think this idea has some merit? It's not perfect, but I think that with some refinement it could be a good thing to have ready.

Sorry for being so long winded on this one. It's late and I spend about a half hour listening to some woman reporter from Al Jazeera talk about Toyota tonight for Arabic. I'm feeling a little loopy.
Pics? <img src='http://www.hoodswoods.net/IVB/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
not much beats a strong small black duffle bag with a specialized possibles bag inside for low-profile carry IMHO.

just separate them and wear them cross-chest when you need to rawk and roll.

I was actually thinking of using a pack similar to one I believe you linked to a while ago. It was like a laundry bag with straps, and I think a 3/4" daisy chain on the front, as I recall. That might make a nice addition, but I don't have it right now.
I have been using a similar idea for years, based out of a surplus austrian bread bag-love 'em- .it has basic kit in it, but also plenty of room for stuff i collect, or small game. I strarted using it when blowgun hunting.

for urban scavenging, maybe a socket set as well as waht you mentioned. lock picks.
These are very simple

Are they the type of solution you had in mind praharin?


Lock picks could lead to problems. I have no intention of stealing anything. If it's abandoned, I will break a window or door for access.

Sockets are pretty heavy, and really not very versatile unless you have a full set in SAE and metric. I carry a Leatherman Crunch, the locking one. I have also practiced a method of removing bolts with two pieces of angle iron or square stock steel and some strong cord. It can be hit and miss sometimes but it really is pretty effective when you think about what you are trying, on larger nuts especially.

For small game, I carry an old light cotton laundry bag and a 1 gallon zip lock in my back pocket most of the time when I am in the field to haul stuff I gather. Most often it's plant parts of some sort in the cotton bag and meat in the zip lock. Don't want to have any cross contamination.

Thank you for the input everyone.


[quote name='praharin' date='05 April 2010 - 12:25 AM' timestamp='1270445129' post='456216']

Sorry for being so long winded on this one. It's late and I spend about a half hour listening to some woman reporter from Al Jazeera talk about Toyota tonight for Arabic. I'm feeling a little loopy.


Al Jazeera/The Guardian/CNN/Msnbc. It's all the same these days. You get Jihad spin from all of them.

Remember, it's not a war until Christian Amanpour says its a war.
um... What?

ETA: I think you misunderstood me. I had to watch to the broadcast for an assignment, then translate what I could. I probably watched the whole thing 10 times.
Great mind's must think alike since Ive been thinking on sewing one of those pack's dearstalker posted up with the drawstring top and small pouch on back as well <img src='http://www.hoodswoods.net/IVB/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/yes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':yes:' /> . Was basing it off a Russian pack I seen awhile back someware's. I wanted it for a day pack for when Im out fishing and carry my few survival supplies and my lunch. YOU GUY"S ROCK...All of you it's just amazing what you come up with and share I feel this is probably one of the best forum's ever thank you all for sharing..Your friend Tim/treerat69.
Sounds like a good plan, Praharin. It would be good to have a bag for day trips when you plan on returning with more than you left with.

For a pry bar, how about just a pry or "crow" bar? they come in various lengths and I find a 12-16" just right for carrying in a pack for foraging uses. They are great for pulling up rocks or boards, opening stuck doors, digging roots, etc. and save wear and tear on a fine knife. Some Zip lock bags of various sizes and some zip ties for lashing things together and to the pack would be helpful.
[quote name='Deerstalker' date='05 April 2010 - 08:27 PM' timestamp='1270513621' post='456416']

These are very simple

Are they the type of solution you had in mind praharin?



I must have missed this. Yes, like that, but bigger and not fleece to avoid bulk. Either light (500 denier maybe) ripstop nylon would be nice.

A prybar would be great, but they are heavy and bulky. I am not going to be carrying a pack, only a small shoulder bag. The pack would be folded up inside the shoulder bag. I would have the knife on my belt by default. I am not worried about wear and tear on the knife, it's a beast.
Excellent idea. I like the modular system, much more refined than theset up that I use for work and general urban roaming. I carry a Mountainsmith messenger bag and inside it some sort of milsurp shoulder bag. I like the misurp because its formed so it won't print whatever is in there. When mucking around sites or digging through old buildings, it becomes primary and the mountainsmith left in the truck. My tool kit, which which is largely geared around work includes an awl, 16 oz ball peen, cold chisel, set of med vice grips, wonder bar, sheath knife, tape measure, mini kit, 32 oz water bottle and 8x8 plastic sheet. I've got a tape measure and light strapped to the outside, notebook, pen and pencil in there as well. There's usually some assorted flotsam like paracord and nylon webbing in various quantities. I like it especially when going up and down ladders. On the way up I shove it around to the middle of my back, then when inplace bring it around front and dig out whatever. The rigid shap helps me find stuff in awkward positions/ one handed. I've still got room in there for other odds. Maybe this weekend I'll put a concerted effort into learning to post pictures and save on the typing....
I've been following this thread, all good info.

I carry so much gear in my truck, my dilemma is what to take if I have to leave it. I keep an empty, cheap pack in the toolbox. One I picked up at a yard sale for a couple of bucks. I can use it to take "extra" gear , (along with my Bug In Bag) from the truck, or as a foraging bag. Chances are, I will never to use it in this fashion, why spend a lot of $$ on it. It is also very "grey", won't get a second look from the sheeple.

IMO, your "bag" is a lot like a toolbox... Sure, it's nice to have a good one, but the tools themselves are what make you money/ save your ass. I can not tell you how many employees I've had that spend thousands on a nice shiny box, only to ask to borrow a tool they need... If money is not a factor, by all means get the best/ coolest bag out there. It might be different if you needed to pack 50 miles, but for the urban scenario, KISS!

One other item I would recommend, (don't think it was mentioned) is a small/ med sized pair of bolt cutters. They will handle medium padlocks, hasps, chain-link, expanded meteal etc. A few years ago I had a contractor here doing some work, his ladders were pad-locked to his truck and he had left his "work" keys at home. He was going to have to drive 25 miles to get them. I asked him if the lock was worth the drive... I popped his Master lock with a cheap pair of. He could not believe it was so easy.

HTH <img src='http://www.hoodswoods.net/IVB/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thumbsup:' />

I already have the bag. Have had it for years, actually. There is no padlock that you can get off with medium bolt cutters that I can't get off with either the Strider or the Hawk. Or my boot. Period. Anything else is just extra weight. I'll go over fences, or under. No sense making it easier for someone to follow me.

I am also not to worried about being gray. In the situation I would be carrying this bag on my left side, and a handgun on my right. Chances are the gun will draw more attention.
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