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Full Version: Pressure Cooker Questons
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i been searching all over and there is a lot of models of caners. not happy with aluminum,but will use if there is no more steel caners left.

for those who all ready canned, please give this newbie the heads up on what size would work. will be pressure cooking meat in quart size jars.

any suggestion? <img src='http://www.hoodswoods.net/IVB/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thanks.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thanks:' />
I have one of these. They can be a bit pricey, but I assure you if you use it properly and care for it, it will likely be the only

pressure canner / cooker you need to buy. It is a metal-to-metal seal, so no gaskets to wear out and replace. For the seal, you want

to use a light coating of petroleum jelly, in the seal area, to aid with the lid release later.

Read the Owner's Manual carefully before operating.

I have used it to can both vegetables and meat-based product (chili / stews).

Make certain you read up on the sizes, assuring you are OK for quart-sized jars. I believe the 21-1/2 quart

and larger models will serve you OK. If you want to stack a double layer of quart jars, then you may have to

go larger than the 21-1/2 quart model.

All American Pressure Cooker/Canner :


I have used this unit 3 times, so far, and love it. Made in the USA and built of quality to last.

My mother in law has given us her old (mid 1960s era) pressure cooker, and has promised to teach the sprout how to cook with it. The girl is going to make a 4-H project out this. I will make sure to hang out with them, learning how to. I will ask Mom about meat canning, she did a lot of vegetable canning back in the day. The good news is these old pressure cooker can be purchased at yard sales and thrift stores for very little, and replacement gaskets are available.

Here are 2 good articles on canning meat.



And a source for pressure cookers and replacement parts.


disclaimer: No financial interest and no experience with the company.

We have a Mirro that we have had nearly 40 years and a Presto that i picked up at a garage sale for $20 bucks a few years ago.. used once I was told with the original box and manual. They both hold 7 quart jars.

Last summer I brought home a small [about 2 quart size] one. When I gave it to my wife she showed me 2 others the same size that I forgot I had bought. [Image: ohmy.gif]/> It's almost as bad as knives.