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Full Version: Shell Holder
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I created this earlier this year. The should put up a final picture, as the last picture in this series doesn't do it really good justice. I ended up cutting some thinner strips for tying everything together, and it makes it fit much snugger. Anyhow, you get the idea from the pictures what i made. :-D



edit: well the final picture of it dyed an tied on doesn't want to load. so i'll try to load that one a bit later.
Well done, I prefer the nylon ones,except for the heaver rounds like your's.Doug

How is it in ambidextrous shooting?
I can't say I've shot it left handed Scottman, so i can't really answer that. I think the shells would affect the cheek weld, but I will have to try it now [Image: oops.gif]

Here's a link to the finished product.. i used smaller laces than what is in the picture to tighten it up more. those 45/70 rounds have some weight to them.

Nice job

That is great work and has got me thinking that i will do one each for my .357 Rossi and one

for the little girls .22 Henry. I am even going to experiment with a padded section on the comb

just to raise up my line of vision a bit.
Very nice.

I was having trouble with my elastic shell holders shifting around under recoil.

Especially my Rossi 12 Ga. Coach Gun.

I finally set a small lace size grommet about 1/2 inch from the front and back center edge of the sleeve.

On the Rossi, I also tried a couple of 1 in. square pieces of double sided carpet tape centered under the grommets.

A small, smoothed with 600 grit paper, flat top (metal) screw front and back is used to secure the holder.

If you don't mind drilling a couple of small pilot holes in your stock this works pretty well.

Most of my guns are tools to be used so affixing a modification with screws is not big deal for me.

My 45-70 Guide rifle is also due for a stock mounted shell holder.

However, rather than elastic, I'm leaning toward leather like you have.

Since I don't plan to put a butt plate piece on it, the leather shell holder will, for sure, be secured by small screws too.