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Full Version: Motorcycle Assassins
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I posted this earlier on Warriortalk.

In a recent conversation with a police trainer and others from the Philippines about crime, terrorism, training, etc. and one topic that was brought up is a new type of assassination technique. I'm not sure if it is actually new or if it just recently became very popular with people who want to assassinate someone.

The method is simple, but they still don't have a reliable way to counter it. One person pilots the motorcycle while the passenger shoots the target. They drive to whatever distance they can get a reliable hit, shoot, and ride away. In the Philippines a motorcycle can get very close to someone out in public so even someone not very skilled can get close enough to shoot.

The traffic is very heavy, with motorcycles outnumbering all cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, jeepneys, tricycles, etc. combined. Lanes are not enforced and are treated as suggestions so people drive wherever they want, and it would be really easy for someone to get to the target, shoot, and leave. While a motorcycle could be used the same way in the US, they are not nearly as common so they wouldn't be easily lost in a crowd of motorcycles.

This technique is used by terrorists, politicians getting rid of rivals, drug dealers, people who are owed money by the target, people who owe money to the target, and probably others.

Additional Notes, a few were responding to other posts:

A few more thoughts on the topic:

The traffic in the RP is very bad. Think of a Black Friday sale with all the shoppers on motorcycles. The larger vehicles, including tricycles (a motorcycle with a sidecar used as a taxi) drive on a crowded road in what looks something like bumper-to-bumper traffic in the US, but rather than sit in a traffic jam like Americans do, they switch to the opposite lane to get ahead. The motorcycle traffic rides through all this. Unless it is in a more rural area or late at night, the attackers on a motorcycle won't be seeding towards the target, they'd be part of the crowd of motorcycles swerving in and out of traffic.

Strange as it may seem here, it is not unusual for two men to ride on a motorcycle. I've actually seen 3 people on one on a few occasions, though not 3 men. They have a "pack as many people as you can into the vehicle" mindset.

The term "sparrow" is interesting, that is the term the New People's Army (Communist guerrillas) use for their assassins.

The Vietnam connection makes sense. This has probably been in the RP for a while, but just became more popular recently.

I posted this thread thinking more along the lines of security for politicians/candidates since that was what the original discussion was about, someone campaigning has already violated the 4-S rule by running for office. They take the idea of destroying opponents a bit more literally over there.

The trainer told me that when he went to the police to offer his training they were first uninterested because they had the attitude that they knew everything and other knew nothing, but when he showed them what he taught they let him teach their SWAT teams but thought their regular cops did not need any advanced training. It isn't about the money, it is about elitism even within the police forces with the belief that typical cops should only have square range training that is inferior to American square range training. That would need to change if they want to be more effective.

On another angle is that while people on American forums have discussed the pros and cons of using a motorcycle as a bug-out vehicle, in the cities of the RP I don't see how an individual could bug out with any other land vehicle. A motorcycle is really the only thing that would work.

When I saw the title I was thinking that they had something going like the Assassins that rode bicycles, wore bowler hats and carried .455 Webleys for the most part. Those dudes were largely responsible for winning the war for Ireland's independence.

Riding motorcycles would just speed things up—but the second passengers really brings in a whole other dynamic.

I would think that important dignitaries would ride In bullet proof limousines. Then all he would need to worry about would be bikers armed with RPGs…

And while I'm sure that RPGs can be had, they're at least an order of magnitude or two harder to come by. They're far more obvious and they don't allow for a second shot.

Let me show my ignorance. I know about the 3 "S"s—Shoot—Shovel and Shut Up.

What are the 4 "S"s?

Benjamin, I know that you might have said but my powers of memory aren't what they once were. Do you live in the Philippines or here in the States—or elsewhere?

To counter the armored vehicles, some (supposedly Israelis) have ridden up beside scientists in Iran as they drive along, the cyclists attach an IED to the car door and ride off. At least that's what some of the reports I've read said.

I'm in the US most of the time, but do go to the Philippines. I'm a dual citizen.

The 4-S Rule is one way to summarize the basics of avoiding danger. It is to avoid the "4 Stupids" which are stupid places, stupid people, stupid things, and don't go out at stupid times. Most dangerous violent situations involve more than one violations of this rule. Examples are going to bad parts of town, hanging out with people who are criminals or hang out with criminals, getting drunk in public, going to a normal store but at 2:00AM, etc.

Applied to a political candidate, he'd have to go all over the area he is representing to campaign, so putting himself in danger is part of the job.

Only the very powerful politicians or those who happen to come from rich families use armored vehicles. In the RP even politicians that no one in the US cares about like city counselors can be targets, or even someone running for city counselor. Low-level politicians won't likely be able to afford armored vehicles.

Another issue is that people leave their vehicles when they get to their destination, and in many cases you just get out of your vehicle right on the street since there are few parking lots.

90north- That would work, and someone blending with the rest of the foot traffic could even walk up to a vehicle stuck in traffic. One trip was only 18KM and it took an hour.
This is not new in Thailand and common Benjamin. A few years ago an Englishman eating breakfast in a Pattaya bar was killed by a shooter passing by on the back of a motorcycle.

It was because of some business dispute or he had complained about the bacon being too crispy . . .

In traffic, this is the best way to do this sort of thing.

And even safer now that crash helmet wearing is now common and disguises the assailants.
I encountered this in Central America in the 1980's. It works very well if the driver of the car is in condition white and the passenger is asleep. If you are paying attention and are willing to take action at the first sign of attack, thugs on motorbikes become speed bumps. I carried a Colt 1911 and a sawed off double twelve in a gym bag. Not very high tech, but very effective at close range. My driver was a former stock car driver from Alabama.



Aren’t motorcycles (and motor scooters) grand? On one you can slip through traffic like a rat up a drainpipe. Like mechanized roaches, we scuttle through the cracks in the transportation infrastructure.

Bikes, I think, can be a big part of the solution, and of course Mr. Liu has seen that in the Philippines. The economies of much of Southeast Asia depend on small motorcycles. The most-produced motor vehicle in the history of the planet? Not the Model T. Not the VW Beetle. Not the Jeep or the Ford F150. It’s the Honda Super Cub—what most of us would call a modestly sized little bike/scooter.

Growing up in the 213 and as a child of the Rampart Division, nightly gunfire was a common occurrence for the young Rat Bastard. Later, in the 1980s and 1990s this was the time and place where the term “drive-by shooting” was coined. But certainly the people who refined the two-person motorcycle-assisted assassination to an art were the Columbians in South America. They even gave these killers a name: Sicaros.

In his recent book, Colombian journalist José Guarnizo writes that Griselda Blanco--known as the “godmother of cocaine” for her blood-soaked style of street justice--instituted motorcycle killings back in the early 1970s. Before that, Medellín’s hitmen had killed from cars, but Blanco mandated that all hits be carried out on motorcycles after two of her men were caught in traffic while doing a job and were captured by police. Ironic that she herself was gunned down by motorcycle-mounted assassins in 2012!

The practice exploded during the 1980s and was popularized by the Medellín cocaine cartel led by Pablo Escobar. It first captured the attention of Colombians at large when Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, the nation’s minister of justice, was killed by motorcycle on Escobar’s orders. If you’ve watched any of the recent program Narcos on Netflix, in the first three hours you’ll see two assassinations like this, with plenty more to come.

And it’s still going strong. During the first 10 months of 2012, Medellín recorded 176 murders on motorcycle. That’s 15 percent of all homicides there! And motorcycles were used in more than a quarter of carjackings and half of motorcycle thefts.

Even in sleepy little Costa Rica, by far the least corrupt and most peaceful country in Latin America, the latest reports note that motorcycle assassins have shot 45 people dead in the past year.

In Germany, way back in 1977, the RAF (Red Army Faction) engaged in a terror campaign known as the German Autumn. You’ll probably know these folks as the Baader Meinhof group. In April, the German Attorney General, Siegfried Buback, and his bodyguard were killed by motorcycle gunmen as their car waited at a traffic light. The shooters were never captured. (They used an HK43, by the way, a full-sized assault rifle.)

As Forum Member 90north alludes, in 2012 a prominent Iranian nuclear chemist (Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan) was killed when motorcyclists attached a shaped-charge bomb to his car in traffic. Ahmadi-Roshan was the fifth Iranian nuclear scientist to be killed in two years—the Israeli Mossad was suspected in that one. (The car was a Peugeot 405—it's a wonder that pooch didn’t blow up on its own accord before the Mossad could overtake it.)

Back in 1996, Columbia had an interesting way of dealing with all of this. In the United States, helmet laws generally mean you must wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. In Columbia they OUTLAWED the wearing of helmets! Now, though, in Columbia (and several other Latin American countries) it’s illegal for a man to carry another man as a passenger on a motorcycle—the problem really is that bad.

Learning to ride a motorcycle with some proficiency is a worthwhile skill for everyone to have.

Quote:ML - " ... But certainly the people who refined the two-person motorcycle-assisted assassination to an art were the Columbians in South America. They even gave these killers a name: Sicaros. ..."

Speaking of same, I just watched a new movie titled Sicario, written by Taylor Sheridan, starring Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, and Emily Blunt.. It has to do with the Mexican drug cartels, the Columbian Medellins, our various police agencies and their efforts to curtail the drug trade and assassinations along the Mexican and U.S. border.

It is an eye opener for anyone who is not aware of what is going on with drugs, assassins, illegal aliens on the border, corruption, and how there are no holds barred when it comes to combating the cartels.

EDIT: It might well have been titled, "The Education Of A Female FBI Agent."

I'll have to check out Sicario - Thanks

Another good one was Traffic